Random Round-up

It's a bit surprising to me how quickly the weekend went, at least around here.

Saturday: Sang for a huge (13 bridesmaids!) Irish wedding; my first time singing the "Irish Blessing" song (a.k.a. May the Road Rise to Meet You) solo, in public. I tripped in only one spot, and that was in the second verse that no one knows. The groom thanked us and said it was beautiful, so I guess it sounded O.K. The priest who said the Mass had as his theme for the homily "the ABC's of a good marriage"--because the bride was a teacher of young children--and it was probably an unwitting choice to use the letter Y to stand for "Yes." Maybe he hasn't read Ulysses.
Then I also had to sing for the vigil Mass at the same church. . . and in walks a co-worker (who has caught my, uh, work before, but by chance) with another co-worker in tow, one who suffered a family loss this week and has a family connection to this church. They were very complimentary after Mass, even though I kind of bungled a new (to me) song--I have a feeling everybody else was so into singing it, they didn't notice. Whew.

Sunday: After Mass (yes, I sang at three Masses this weekend), ate scrambled eggs with Mom and Dad, then wrapped Youngest Nephew's birthday present and headed for a little party at Older Brother's family's house. I can't remember the last time I was there, but it was well before Christmas. They're doing a lot of work to the house and it was interesting to notice what they'd changed since the last time I was there. I mean, my mom tells me things they've done, because she's there a lot, dropping off the kids and stuff. (I was invited to this party via text Friday afternoon, if that gives you any idea.)
Youngest Nephew was delighted with his "magic" fingerpainting set. I think he'll have fun with that. Plus, I got lots of hugs from the little ones--Oldest Nephew is too cool for those, but maybe he'll let me come cheer at a hockey game or something soon.
After that, did a little shopping for moisturizer and floss, and came home to deal with dishes and a whiny kitty. I don't know why she's whiny. I also don't know how she got a sticky patch of fur on her back, but she let me swipe a wet hand over it. *sigh* What am I gonna do with her?
I also tried to watch a little of 60 Minutes but when they showed a little girl who'd been rescued after a tsunami hit her school--a little girl Niece's age, which I knew the minute I saw her--I just cried and couldn't watch any more.

Other random stuff that caught my eye this weekend:

A Camaro convertible with a slight problem (I took driving lessons in a Camaro but am terrified of convertibles).

I've always been fascinated by Chagall and this article while not related to it reminded me that a Chagall exhibit just started at the PMA. I've missed out on other big-deal exhibits in recent years, because I don't like going by myself, but I am determined to see this one.

Can you tell I'm trying to think about anything but Wednesday?


ccr in MA said…
Distraction is a perfectly valid coping tool. :)

My first car was a convertible, and it was fabulous: a '69 Cadillac (in 1985). How I loved that old boat. And no leaks!

WVW: invitim. I invitim you to have a good day.
Anonymous said…
Wow, you were just singing up a storm this weekend! Sounds like you stayed plenty busy thinking of anything but The Thing ;)
Kate P said…
CCR--I'm quite good at distraction! And oh yes, that must've been a magnificent boat you had. Sweet ride.

Angela--I was! I was! :)

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