It's a List. It's Updates. It Might or Might Not Be Interesting.

1. The Cat has decided to stop eating again. Well, it's looking more like a taste buds gone wonky thing than a plain old not-eating thing (as discussed under "Tuesday" in this post).

Example 1: Because we both have cats on meds, my parents and I shared an order of Pill Pockets. My mom ordered salmon-flavored ones instead of chicken this time, not knowing that The Cat has eaten only chicken ones before--not to mention about a year ago, she suddenly turned her nose up at a salmon cat food she regularly ate--so I wasn't surprised when she would not take her medicine. I had to pick up appetite stimulant meds (yeah, another prescription, dammit) yesterday, so I picked up chicken Pill Pockets--at the vet's price (the things I do for this cat)--and of course she's now taking her medicine just fine.

Example 2: After she refused to eat her dinner this afternoon, she was still hanging around the kitchen and whining. It so happened that I'd bought a fresh bag of dry food, so I opened it and poured a little into her dish. She ate it. Didn't clean out the dish, but she ate.

I don't want her to lose any more weight, and I'm also tired of throwing out half-eaten food all the time between the money and the waste, so I'm trying the new medicine. I am afraid of the side effects because she is restless enough, but she needs to eat. She's going to the vet for a thyroid re-test on Thursday and I'm afraid the doctor will revisit the idea of an ultrasound of her intestines.

2. Talked to a librarian in a county up north who is on the membership committee for a library association whose membership I'd let lapse, basically because I didn't want to pay for it. I found out school will reimburse me for it. The renewal website wasn't cooperating, so she had to do everything on override. Nice lady. Knows my predecessor at school, natch. There's a conference coming up but I don't really want to go because I'd have to give up a Saturday (I don't see myself taking off from school) and make it a day trip. I'd also probably have to make pleasantries with my predecessor. I have yet to go to any library conferences which is something about which I feel rather guilty and pathetic. I have to think on all this.

3. I just got up to feed The Cat who was inquiring about food. I gave her more tuna appetizer straight, no cat food mixed in. She ate about five bites and then went over to the dish (about a tablespoon) of cream I'd put down about 15 minutes ago (which she'd snubbed at that time) and lapped that up. It could be that the tuna was cold from the fridge, but still--I DON'T GET IT.
Annnd now she's back at the dry food. It's possible the drugs are working (which is probably why I'm thinking about a Ryan Adams album (see the last track, although the plaintive refrain from "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home" is how I feel). But that means get ready for the restlessness. I probably shouldn't expect to sleep tonight.

4. Because there was a lot on my mind this week (cat, doctor's visit I'll explain next) and still had a lousy cold, I had one of those "Oh s***!" moments Friday when I realized I hadn't registered the student teams for an upcoming literacy-related event. It wasn't completely my fault; I had been waiting for responses from the team's coaches and some teachers because it's required that each team have a parent as the team leader and a teacher volunteer as a scorekeeper (assigned to another school's team that night to make it fair). So I just put in what was either certain or 95% certain, figuring I'll sort out any necessary subs later. Ugh.
But the reminder e-mail came to everyone on the administration and the education supervisor (she's new)--who told the administration we were already registered when we weren't! It was mortifying. I really thought I was toast. So I had to stay late and get all that together. And I would've been done sooner had the education supervisor not come over when I needed to type instead of discuss the whole thing. She had been trying to help, though.
I just have a feeling March is going to be demanding at school.

5. Doctor's visit: Fallout from my September hospital extravaganza had me in pain for the last couple weeks, and the first available appointment was Thursday afternoon. It took longer for me to get there and park than for the specialist to see me, but one prescription and a couple free samples later, I'm already getting relief. I didn't realize how bad it was until I noticed the pain started to abate.

6. The Niece, who reports all the household news (and I mean all) to my parents, told my mom that she will be attending first grade in the Fall, and Middle Nephew will be going to kindergarten. Hallelujah. They're smart kiddos and need the structure--not to mention The Niece needs a friend or two her own age. The Niece will be on the older (probably oldest) end of her class, but I hear that's all the rage nowadays anyway. (Just as long as she's not beating anybody up.)

7. It rained all day today, but this weekend was warmer than it's been in a while. In fact, the heat's off in the apartment and I have a fan in the window, because it's around 73 degrees. I can hardly wait for a sunny day that's warm.
You know, so it's bright and airy while I continue the epic apartment-cleaning.

8. Lately, I have been really tempted to try online dating again. Do I need to be talked out of that?


Anonymous said…
Oooh, number 8 is very intriguing! A couple of good friends have had very good luck with online dating, so I certainly wouldn't try to talk you out of it ;)
Annie Coe said…
I am sorry about the cat, My Spike is not eating and I know how you feel,kind of hopeless, and all that wasted food! I am buying chiken today and cooking that, anything to get the guy to eat more. I hope you are feeling tip top now. xoxo
Rob said…
I can offer nothing on online dating. I am too far removed from any kind of dating and I wasn't very good at it anyway.
Kate P said…
Angela--have you seen my track record with online dating? Very, very bad. Except I don't know if it's bad choices or lousy offerings. Or, you know, I attract liars.

Annie--thank you. The medicine is having an interesting effect, and while I can't stand the extra MEOWING, she is returning to eat more of her dinner, so that's a good thing. Me, I had an off day today.

Rob--hey, you really have to be good at dating only once, right? And trust me: my parents have been married nearly 40 years, and that doesn't stop my mom from offering advice. :)

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