Heck of a Coincidentally Timed Reminder

There aren't that many times during which I approach my car from the back end, mostly because I back my car into a parking space where I live, and the way I walk to the car out the door of the school building leads me to the front end. So imagine my surprise when yesterday, as I walked to the car to drive Mom home after a Communion breakfast, I noticed that the nameplate was missing from the trunk.

Now, I'm trying to tell myself it just fell off. It might have been glued back on after repairs from the accident almost exactly three years ago--I know there was a lot of work to the brake lights and one of the panels, but I don't know if the whole trunk-release issue meant something was done to the trunk itself.

I really hope it wasn't stolen. It was a rough winter, so maybe that just loosened the glue. In any event, I made an offer for a salvaged nameplate on eBay, and the seller accepted it. After it arrives, I'll sweet talk my whiz kid mechanic into installing it.

What a crazy thing to happen. I mean, the accident itself was crazy, and then here it is, almost exactly three years later, and I have to fix something again.

I'm glad it's just something super-cosmetic this time around.


Dave E. said…
So you have a Lamborghini now, right?
Kate P said…
That's right, Dave--when the nameplate falls off, it's time for a new car. Who cares if the engine's practically only a year and a half old? ;)

I gotta say, though, other than a couple things like paint and dings (and oh yeah a shadow of glue where the nameplate was), for not being garage-kept, it's not in awful shape for 9 years old/91K.
Dave E. said…
Well, if the Ford plate fell off of my pickup I would consider all sorts of replacements just to have some fun. Ferrari Ranger? Why not? :)
Kate P said…
The joke totally went over my head! Oh yeah, as long as it has two prongs and I can glue it on, I might as well try it. "Lexus Legacy" has a nice ring to it.
Dave E. said…
Hahaha...there you go.

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