BlogReaders Ask, I Answer: Question #4

Here I am, having worked from 8 a.m. to about 9 p.m. tonight (including working through lunch and teaching three consecutive classes in the afternoon), and I've got answers for you.

Tonight's question comes from Rob:

Whose motorcycle in the picture?  How fast did you go?

For those of you not sure to which picture Rob is referring, it's the photo on the right side of this blog, above the "About Me" section.  And yes, that is yours truly on the motorcycle.

This picture was given to me by my Aunt B. (Mom's SIL), who had been cleaning out her photo collection, I guess.  So I think it's a pretty solid assumption that the bike belongs to Aunt B.'s husband, my Uncle S. (one of Mom's younger brothers).  But I think all of my uncles had bikes at the time.  Sometimes they would take trips where they would stop in to visit family along the way.  North Jersey was and sort of still is Home Base, but Uncle S. & Aunt B., if they were married by the time this photo was taken (late '70s is my guess so in that case, no), had settled not far from Albany--and then my family and some other relatives were in Philly.

I'm pretty sure, however, that this photo was taken at my grandparents' in North Jersey, but that's because the greenery in the background does not look like my parents' front yard.  My mom's theory is that I am wearing a dress because it might be Younger Sister's christening (and here I thought it was just to assert my femininity while being totally bad-ass at the same time), which would have to be at our home.  I can't seem to locate the hard copy of this photo to check the date printed on the back (and Lord knows my relatives were notorious for waiting forever to get their film developed anyway--remember those days?), so I am not exactly sure how old I am in the picture.  I'd guess nursery school or kindergarten-age.

That said, we are in the midst of putting together some sort of get-together to celebrate my Pop-Pop's 90th birthday very soon, so maybe I can ask Uncle S. and Aunt A. more about the photo and do an update here.  I did lose the scan of this photo when Lappy the Laptop died, so the upload to this blog is actually all I have at the moment!  I have to figure out where I stashed the hard copy.

So, how fast did I go on my uncle's bike?  Considering the fact that I am not wearing a helmet and my 99.99% certainty that my mom was around there somewhere. . .  there was no way I was allowed to take the bike out for a spin!  Even in the teeny-weeny town where my grandparents lived!

I probably just wanted to get on the bike because they let Older Brother do it.

The fifth and final question will be from Dave E. And then there will be the all-important drawing of the winner's name!



ccr in MA said…
That reunion sounds like fun, and a good time to get to all those "I should ask so-and-so about that..." questions one always seems to have.

Does Montclair count as North Jersey? That's where I was born, but we moved before I remember it.
Rob said…
Could have stuck to the bad-ass thing. That's how I was seeing it. :) Thanks.

BTW, what is "dissel"? My captcha word today. My tractor has a dissel engine.
Angela Noelle said…
I'm so glad someone asked about that photo--I've always been curious about it, but totally forgot when it came to question time! It's a pretty darn adorable photo ;)
Kate P said…
CCR--we have an official date as of today for the party; it'll be in December. Must remember to ask that question.
Montclair is fairly North, I think. I don't know if the determining factor is how easy your access to NYC is, or it counts only if you're in certain counties, or what. I still don't know how my grandparents raised seven kids in Bergen County.

Rob--Hahaha, true. "I had a motorcycle at age four because I am bad-ass. That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Angela--now you know! Sort of! Just one of the pieces to the puzzle that is Kate P. :)

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