BlogReaders Ask, I Answer: Question #3

O.K., Day 3 of answering questions.  I hope you're enjoying reading these as much as I am writing them!  So much to think about.

Tonight's question comes from CCR (and perhaps a cat or two):

Do you have a recurring dream?  Good or bad.

Ohhhh yes.  I definitely do.

It's missing the school bus.

That's right, even two degrees post high school, I still occasionally dream that I'm halfway down the street to the bus stop, and I can see the bus is driving away.

Translation?  I'd say it's an anxiety dream.  There's also a variation where I'm late for an exam.

The late-for-an-exam one often is set in this one building in the college I'd transferred to in my junior year.  I think the college just kept adding onto the building so it became practically a maze. So occasionally--but not in a good while, I think--I find my dreaming self wandering around that hall, trying to find my class.

I know.  Definitely not as interesting as this one.  Or this one (uh, "rawr"?).

Next up: a question from Rob



Dave E. said…
Yeah, anxiety dream. When I'm stressed out or anxious I tend to get one too, which is usually work related, sometimes way back to jobs I had in my teens. The worst thing about them is I tend to fall right back into them if I wake up during the night.
Lizzie said…
I like the Matt Bomer dream better. Even if you were just cooking him food... :)
I used to have this terrible recurring nightmare. So glad I don't have that anymore. Now my stress dreams are the Bubba being embarrassed of me or the kids getting into some kind of trouble and I don't know what to do.
Kate P said…
Dave--isn't that weird how dreams can be about things from the past? I don't get that. Maybe feeling anxious makes me feel like a teenager all over again?
I've heard a lot of people say they can go right back to a dream after waking up, but I rarely do myself. I think I just get so rattled.

Lizzie--The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? :)
Ah, yes, the dreaded stress dreams. Your priorities seem totally clear from those types of dreams! You love your family.

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