Before the Post-Christmas Post

A very merry Christmas to all my blogreaders!

I will have photos to post and stories to tell about my weekend soon, but in the meantime, let's talk books.  There must be at least one blogreader with a new e-reader or a gift card to a bookstore burning a hole in his/her pocket.

Books I recently finished (all borrowed from the public library):

1. The Puppy That Came for Christmas: A good, medium-length read about a couple who help raise and train pups to help people with disabilities, and receive help in return, dealing with emotional struggles stemming from childhood tragedy (for one of them) and infertility, from the very dogs they train.

2. Forgotten: This is a YA title about a teen whose memory "resets" each day as the result of a trauma that occurred when she was six.  (Obviously she and her mother have devised a system to keep her a functional high-schooler.)  It was a fairly good page-turner that obviously requires some suspension of disbelief.  There are a couple situations that make it more suitable for older teens and up.

Movie I recently borrowed from the library: Christmas in Connecticut, which was a romantic, mistaken-identity comedy featuring the wonderful Barbara Stanwyck.  The week before, I managed to get hold of The Shop Around the Corner (Jimmy Stewart) which for me is as much a Christmastime must-see as Miracle on 34th Street.

Books I currently am working on (again, all borrowed from public library):

1. Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies: I can't remember why I wanted to read it, but again it's YA, so probably I'm going to see if it's something that might work for my 7th/8th graders.

2. Best Friends, Occasional Enemies: funny memoir-ish essays by Lisa Scottoline (local author and columnist) and daughter.  I've been reading a couple before bed the past few nights because it's nice to go to bed after a few laughs.

3. A Brief History of Montmaray: YA again, probably not acceptable for my school's library (too mature), but--and I'm taking a guess here, so nobody jump down my throat--seems to be that period-piece teen romance-type a la Libba Bray.  I'll let you know for sure once I read it.

I'm on the waiting list for The Night Circus (started but had to return because it's got a million holds on it and renewals aren't allowed; it started slow and while I'm not enthralled I do want to know what happens) and Wonderstruck (been watching for coupons to get it cheap for school library).

Sometimes it's a little weird to think of everything I've read in the past year. But there's so much out there to read!  How can I resist?



Pammy pam said…
i have night circus which you may borrow (Santa brought it for Howard)

Little shop around the corner is cute. i like youve got mail much better but the Hungarian spin on it is cute.

i'm trying to get through Love in the time of cholera so that i can finish A christmas blizzard for book club.
Hope you had a merry Christmas, and enjoy the rest of your break.
Anonymous said…
Christmas in Connecticut is one of my favorites :) It's so hilarious and I think it's hijinks and jokes are actually quite modern considering it was released in the 40s!
Kate P said…
Pam--Hungarian spin? Honey, that's the original! ;) Good luck with the book club reading--you just reminded me that I need to start looking at mine. . .

HH--Thanks and the same to you!!!

Angela--Exactly! It was smart and funny. I loved it. I think I convinced a former co-worker at the public library to watch it, too.

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