Living Room Is ALMOST Clean Enough for Tree

Maybe surviving a crazy/shortened week of school and a faculty Christmas luncheon (including one wicked pollyanna) was the motivation I needed to clear some space. Or maybe I'm excited that I finally get to meet BunnyBoy tomorrow!

Still remaining on the Christmas to-do list:

*Shop for a few more presents

*Wrap all the presents (which reminds me that I need to wrap a present for the baby before tomorrow's event)

*Make requested foods.  Those would be marinated peppers (Dad's request) and meringue wreath cookies (Mom's request).

*Plan outfits for tomorrow (Baby!), Christmas Eve (Dinner!), and Christmas (Mass! Fun at Parents'!)

*Finish cleaning up living room and put up tree.

Exciting times.



Annie Coe said…
Happy Holidays dear Kate. Remember to have fun! xoxo
Dave E. said…
I hope the to-do list went smoothly. Merry Christmas, Kate.
Kate P said…
Merry Christmas!

Annie--I did have fun, thanks in part to you, because I decorated my Christmas tree with the ornaments you made!

Dave--thanks! I did all right. :)

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