So, Where Did I Leave Off?

Well, here I am, nursing the tail end of a cold that I probably got from Younger Sister.  (She never brings me anything good from DC unless it's my birthday.)

Let's get back up to speed.

Thanksgiving: My mood was inexplicably awful, my maiden aunt came and talked nonstop the entire time--and I'm pretty sure she stole the other half of the one measly beer I was trying to enjoy--but the two new people I met, my uncle's friend (girlfriend, but I think he can't say it), and Younger Sister's boyfriend (she couldn't say it when she introduced him, either!), were really great.
We're almost afraid to say how much we like Younger Sister's boyfriend.  He is British--in fact he's her second boyfriend with U.K. roots, but the first one we've met.  There's a lot of good-natured-ness about his personality (not surprisingly, one of his jobs is coaching high school students) that I think makes him a good match for Younger Sister. . . so he can take what Younger Sister dishes out.  He's not too bad at giving it right back to her, either.  With a smile, of course.  And he didn't seem to mind all the cats--even dangled a string for one or two for a little playtime.

Friday afternoon, I got my hair cut.  I don't know what my hairdresser did or said, but she snapped me out of my bad mood.  Must get her really nice Christmas present.

Friday night, the three of us saw "The Muppets."  Hilarious but you definitely can hear Bret McKenzie's style in the music.  There was a cute little girl standing rapt in the aisle right next to us for the second half of it.  And afterwards I got to explain to a couple of older people in the row behind us who Jason Segel was.  Among other things.  Me, my favorite part (that I can mention without spoiling it) was the appearance of Wayne and Wanda.  Seriously, at some points I was laughing so hard I was wiping tears from my eyes.

Saturday night, I cantored the vigil Mass, which was the first one using the new translation, at my side parish.  I was worried I was going to screw up, but it went fine.  The parish had been well prepared, and that was really helpful.

Sunday, however, my car refused to start for several tries--until after I called my dad and he dispatched my mom to come pick me up with five minutes to Mass at my main church.  I think either the starter or the safety lock on the steering wheel is going.  Out of the dozens of times I start my car in a week, it happens once, and always when I need to get going!
Needless to say, I was a little flustered by the time I got to Mass.  I wouldn't have gone, except the more people they had to sing the new music, the better.

The weekend was over way too fast!  And I don't think I need to see pie again for a while.

And I actually didn't get many points on Seraphic's Thanksgiving Game for Singles. Just the one for Younger Sister's boyfriend.  And maybe one for when my uncle (the one who brought the lady-friend) kept asking me if things were going O.K. for me.  In spite of my having said "Yes," each time.  Really, I'm O.K.  O.K. enough, anyway.

I leave you with this to ponder: Coca-Cola drinkers unhappy because Polar Bear cans look too much like Diet Coke cans.



Dave E. said…
"And I don't think I need to see pie again for a while."

Bite your tongue, young lady! :)
Sara said…
There you are! I almost rallied the troops and sent out search parties. ;)

Are you OK?

No, are you OK?

Are things going OK for you?

Kate P said…
Dave--what if "a while" meant 24 hours? A week? Is that O.K.???

Sara--have you been talking to my uncle??? ;)

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