Aaaah. . . Friday. . .

First full week at school since before Christmas, and boy, am I tired.  I also had some sort of stomach bug or something from last night on, and it did not make for an easy morning to get out the door.  I honestly would've bailed if I hadn't needed to give a presentation to an English class.  (And naturally they were nuts because they have the day off from school on Monday.)

But hey, I was helpful today.  My co-librarian wanted to show different kinds of cheese to go along with the book she was reading to the kindergarten classes, but she wasn't impressed with what was online in terms of both good images and kid-appealing.  So I suggested this video gem.  Crank the volume. (As a matter of fact, I found the full set of videos at one of the county library branches and put in a request so maybe some of the classes will have a better quality video.)

Still haven't written my thank-you notes for my Christmas gifts, so I'm hoping to knock those out tomorrow.  I did manage to convince my friend that she had too much going on tomorrow to go to the movies--her dad had a stroke about a week ago and was moved to the rehab facility today, and then the dryer gave out on her last weekend so she has to wait for the repair people to show up.  
Seriously, let's call a time out, get done what needs to get done, and if she's up for the movies Sunday afternoon, we'll go.  Her dad's doing all right considering the circumstances, and I know she really has been looking forward to one particular movie.  Bless her heart, I talked to her for about an hour tonight and she talked pretty much non-stop about her dad, and I'm not sure if she's done anything for herself really.

Well, it appears Friday is pretty much done.  I'm off to get ready for bedtime with The Cat.  She probably is already in her little cat bed and I haven't taken the hint!


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