Greetings from Her Royal Squeakiness

Dang it, I lost my voice yesterday.

Most likely it was inevitable, because I had been dealing with the sniffles all week.  And then I went to a trivia event Friday night (we kicked butt!), after which I noticed my throat hurt a little.  Woke up with no voice Saturday morning, not to mention I was really dragging and had more sniffles than before.

I did use the remedy Amy G suggested ages ago, and I squeaked my way through Mass this morning (pretty bad but everyone was kind and said I sounded all right).  But I'm taking the honey-lemon-booze combo again tonight to see if I can break it up for good.

Already took a personal day for tomorrow (day trip with family) so it's just as well I don't have to be at school without a voice!



Dave E. said…
I hope the laryngitis has gone away by now. I don't remember ever having that, but Amy G's treatment sounds like a good one.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Dave. I felt so bad on Tuesday that I wound up at the doctor's and he prescribed an antibiotic and Wednesday off to rest my voice (and cough up stuff). I'm still squeaky but much less so.

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