A Really Short List of Things that Have Annoyed Me in the Past 36 Hours

1.  The strange lull in the plot or whatever that happens during the last 15 minutes of a TV show and makes me doze off so I miss the ending.

2. Knee-high stockings.  (Are there any reasonably priced brands that don't pill or disintegrate while parked in a drawer?)

3. That insincere and quick "Sorry" tossed off by a student before I even say what the problem is.  It doesn't short-circuit the warning--and it pretty much qualifies as disrespectful for interrupting me.

4. That message left on my home voice mail that (a) I couldn't listen to until I got home after 5:30 (b) tells me nothing, (c) forces me to call back during work hours tomorrow, and therefore (d) requires me to hide any and all reactions after said call for the rest of the work day.

And yet--thinking about tomorrow--TGIF.



ccr in MA said…
Yes, TGIF indeed!

Just wondering: was this the complete list of things that annoyed you in this period, or just the top?
Kate P said…
For the most part, a complete list. I think I've gotten used to the usual annoyances (Cat meowing at 4:30 a.m., people who cross the street slowly because they're staring at their phones, etc.).


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