It's messy out there. But O.K.

Other than difficulty sleeping while the wind smashed twigs and leaves against my windows, I had a pretty good time of it last night.  The wind gusts' whistling through everything outside was something else.  The power flickered about a dozen times, but it stayed on.  I know some parts of my town definitely do not have power, though.

Even the mail carrier said the power was off this morning at the postal facility, which is in the next town over, and they were guided in by flashlight and had a delayed start until it got lighter outside.  He's a nice guy--I wish we had him all the time, but with all the changes in the postal service in the past year, we have a different carrier almost every time.  He remembered my last name and asked if my parents were O.K. (he sometimes delivers to their neighborhood, too).  He also said there wasn't much mail today (evidenced by my water-damaged phone bill and a campaign flyer) because all the flights had been canceled--something like 14,000--but there would be a lot once those flights started up again.

So I guess it's just local mail for a little bit.  I put my rent payment in the mail and that's all that matters to me.  I'm out of stamps so everything else I need to mail will have to wait until tomorrow.

Around 2:00, I took the trash out and walked around the parking lot and around the buildings.  Not a lot of big branches came down, so that's good, but there's a good coating of sticks, leaves, and shredded leaves everywhere.  Plus there is a chilly, steady rain coming down.  It's light, but it's cold. 

I heard from a couple of my trivia teammates (and our host) and everybody's O.K. (even if not everyone has power) so that's good.  And the pub owner emailed that they're open this evening and trivia is on.  Originally I wasn't going to go anywhere until tomorrow, but based on the information I've gotten I think it would be pretty safe, not to mention good to get out and exercise my brain.  And who knows about tomorrow, because I have a feeling the town where my school is located got hit pretty hard by Sandy.  I don't think they have power.

But first--more work on my de-cluttering project.  Might as well take advantage of not having anyplace to go.



Dave E. said…
I'm glad to hear you got through everything in good shape. How did The Cat handle things?
Red Stethoscope said…
Glad you're OK! Not gonna lie...The Lawyer and I were scrubbing floors and sorting my mail pile while we were locked indoors. I'm with you on making the best of it.
Kate P said…
Dave--thanks. The Cat thought it was a fun party where she got to snuggle under blankets and help eat the chicken I cooked so if the power went off it wouldn't be wasted. However, now that I have the whole week off, she has started to look at me with suspicion. "Aren't you going to work today?"

R.S.--Nice to have a helping hand, eh? Cats won't do that.
Sara said…
While it's horrifying to see what's going on around not too far from us, I'm very relieved that it passed us by with minimal fuss. Glad to hear that everything went well for you.
Solitary Diner said…
Am I a bad person for wishing a hurricane would hit my city so that I could have a week at home? As long as it doesn't hit while I'm on duty in the ICU...that would suck.

Glad to hear that you survived the storm relatively unscathed and that the Cat enjoyed some TLC.
Annie Coe said…
Kate, Happy to hear you are okay.
Kiss the cat for me. xoxo
Kate P said…
S.D.--Thank you. I don't think there's anything wrong with wishing for a day or a week off!

Annie--Thanks and I already did! She also says thank you. :)

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