Kids Aren't the Only Ones Not Wanting to Go to School

My car doesn't seem to want to go, either!

I tried driving to school today to meet with the other librarian, to get a less hurried introduction to the library, where my mailbox is, try out my network log-in, etc.--but my car decided to go crazy about an exit and a half away from school!

Seriously, all I did was hit the accelerator--and not hard, mind you; I took this same route three days last week for orientation because the district building is the exit before the one for school. No problem those days.

Something different happened this morning. First it was the "CHECK ENGINE" light and a drop in power. Then everything lit up. It looked like "TILT" on a pinball machine. . . only it was on my dashboard.


Of course, I'd been in the far left lane to pass a cluster of on-ramps that usually have a lot of slower traffic, but by some miracle I was able to get all the way over to the right shoulder and shut the car off. Too afraid to start it again.

After a series of shaky phone calls to AAA, the librarian I was meeting, and my mom, I waited--in a car that was getting hot because I'd put the windows up as I'd hit the highway--about half an hour for the tow truck to come. All those cars and trucks whizzing by me on the road made me nervous. And, uh, inclined to pray a lot.

The tow truck guy was nice. Interestingly enough, he worked for ten years for a company owned by members of a family that used to live across the street from my parents. My sister and I played with the kids of the now-president. It was kind of funny telling the tow truck guy that one of the kids is now married and has a little girl. I knew what he meant when he said he felt old!

By the time we got to the service station near home and my mom picked me up, it wasn't worth it for the other librarian to be hanging around school while I tried to get back there. So I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and making calls. Ooh, and muffins.

This is pretty much the recipe, except that the one I got from a magazine didn't use the juice of the orange--although my first attempt did seem dry and I added orange juice from a carton to it. Because I didn't have an orange then. I had a shriveled clementine that barely gave up any zest. I also don't have an orange this time around, either, so I might try zesting a lemon I have on hand and again adding a little orange juice. Yum.

It's good for getting my mind off the fact that (a) it's now almost 4:00 and I haven't heard anything about the car, and (b) I'll be driving to my first official day at school in my mom's station wagon.

A station wagon that has two baby seats in the back so I'm almost praying none of my fellow faculty and staff members notice.

Especially the cute single guy faculty/staff members.


ccr in MA said…
That sounds scary! Glad you came through it all right.

On the way home tonight, I passed a road accident with at least five emergency vehicles. Ouch...
Kate P said…
Thanks, ccr--yeah, nobody wants to see emergency vehicles show up. That's bad news.

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