There Is a Car Curse Going Around

On Tuesday night, one of my trivia teammates recounted the story of how he hadn't had his car--which heretofore had given him no problems whatsoever--for a week because the cylinders went on the car door's locks AND the ignition.  Fun times.  

After work today, I went to the vet to pick up The Cat's thyroid meds, and on the way home--oh, about around the corner from one traffic light away from home or thereabouts--I looked at the dashboard and thought, "I've never seen the needle go that high on the temperature gauge."

And then as I was heading up the street towards said traffic light, the needle went up to the red line.

So, I flipped the temperature controls from hot to cold and cranked up the fan, which did make the needle dip a bit, but not much, as I kept driving carefully home.  I parked in the lot, but as I sat there, I started making calls.  To my parents: Should I get this checked out?  To the service station: Should I bring it in?

The mechanics were gone for the day, of course, but I figured I'd eat dinner and then drop the car off so it could be checked tomorrow morning.  Can't wait to hear what the problem is, and how much it will cost to fix it. (Did I mention I just got the oil changed two weeks ago?)

Mom was nice enough to come pick me up. . . so now I am in the driver's seat of the Unsexy Station Wagon.  (Featuring the Doubly Unsexy Bright Pink Child Safety Seat!) 

Makes for a smashing end to the workweek.




ccr in MA said…
I remember when I was a kid and our station wagon was prone to overheating, my mother would put the heat on high, to pull as much heat as possible out of the engine. (You can imagine how much fun this was in summer.) Now I wonder if that was actually the right thing to do? And even if it was, the advice comes too late for you. Sigh. This is why I shouldn't comment so early in the day. I hope it's cheap and easily fixed!
Anonymous said…
First thing to do is to check if you've gotten some sort of hole in the radiator. If you're low on coolant your car will be unhappy with you.
Kate P said…
CCR--It was a cheap fix, thank goodness! Turns out it was a bad clamp. Heh, sounds as if my car had bad clams. . .

'Fly--That was the first thing I worried about! I've had hoses crack before and I was thinking BIG LEAK. DISASTER. IT'S THE END.

Fortunately, no!

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