All Right, All Right, I'll Start Talking

Well, here I am in front of the computerA cat with a shaved "scruff" is napping in front of the stereo cabinet.  (As long as she's napping, she's not scratching and making more "boo-boos" on her neck, so that's fine with me.)

But that's not why you're reading.

You want to know all about the dating webinar.

So how did I end up taking a dating webinar?  It's simple: I am signed up for the weirdest e-mail offers.  I'm sure you all know Groupon (that's how I mysteriously wound up with free food that one time--a voucher gone crazy) and while I usually ignore 99% of those, another site I belong to (luxury-type offers I just window-shop to please the Libra in me!) started offering them, too.

Most of them were for things in the city, but this was a webinar with none other than Siggy Flicker.  It looked too interesting to pass up, so I got the voucher and signed up.

It was supposed to be two Wednesdays ago, but her assistant sent a rescheduling email saying she got pulled into some show taping, so they postponed it to last Monday night.  In a way, it worked to my advantage because. . . only one other person logged in to the webinar and said/did absolutely nothing the whole time.  Granted, I had a mic problem that created nothing but feedback, but I used the chat window and she'd respond, so it felt personal.   She's very upbeat and bubbly (contrary to how she kind of of seems blunt and mean on TV).  Really, I just listened and took notes most of the time.  And it ran longer than the allotted hour, so I think I got my money's worth.

What did I take away from it?  Well, I don't want to give away all the expert's information--yes I did save a couple of screencaps for my own personal use which I won't post here--but I will talk about the one thing I'm trying to figure out how to make happen in my life. And that is to go out twice a week.

The idea of going out twice a week brings up a lot of questions:

1. Where do I go?

2. What can I afford?

3. How do I not go alone but still remain "open to meeting people"?

4. When the heck am I supposed to do this?

Hmmm.  It took me a while to work up to one night a week playing trivia, and even now that's in flux because our home-base pub closed for renovations (and whether or not there will be trivia again when it reopens is TBD) and we've been itinerant and looking for a new place to settle in.

I'd like to try going out somewhere on a different night, but honestly I'm already tired out from work and trying to recommit myself to three nights a week at the gym and getting all my chores done (ha).  So what is the "going out" that works for me?

That's what I need to figure out.

I'm considering it part of my mini-makeover strategy.  Because if I keep doing what I've been doing, I'll get what I'll always gotten.

Which isn't a whole lot of good stuff right now.

I have got to get the good stuff flowing in my life again.  I did it before and I can do it again.

I hope!



Dave E. said…
"I did it before and I can do it again."

Yep, I'll bet on that. You can do it.
Red Stethoscope said…
Good luck, this is exciting! I hear you on the two nights a week, though. I'm an old person who likes to be at home, so I send an empathetic groan your way. Can Saturday be one of the nights you go out? Then, maybe you could do an easy (not too long/late) happy hour or even your regular trivia night without too much else on the weekdays.
ccr in MA said…
Interesting! I recently saw a thing on Facebook that said "That sad moment when you realize that the trash goes out more than you do" and that is so true of me! Best wishes for you at doing better (I swear, if it wasn't for knitting, I'd hardly ever leave the house).
Kate P said…
Dave--thanks for the encouraging words. (Now I just need the patience because it's slow going.)

R.S.--I was contemplating Saturdays; it's just that on weekends everything is crowded, everywhere. . . and I've been using Saturdays to catch my breath.
You know, if I'm not cantoring Mass or working at my side job at the public library.

CCR--Hmmm, I don't like taking out the trash so what does that mean??? ;)
Meg Ann said…
yeah, I realize that this is a really old post (yes I am reading back on your blog) and maybe these aren't even your issues anymore but as for getting out I'd recommend MeetUp groups.....depending on where you live anyhow there may be one for your city/area. I've found a running, biking, and book group on MeetUp. It's a great way to find people who are interested in wholesome pass times. One thing to keep in mind as far as getting out and meeting people, I've noticed, is that there are a lot of people who are in the same shoes as you--just wanting to find people to do things like hike, or have coffee, happy hour, etc. with. And if you can tap into this group of people (sometimes it can take some effort to find them), then you've got a great social community ;)
Kate P said…
Totally O.K., Meg Ann--I'm grateful someone's interested in my writing, anytime!

I know, my mom keeps bugging me about MeetUp. I have a bit of a hang-up about walking into a roomful of strangers by myself. (O.K., a really big one.) So that's one hesitation. I also have a horrible sense of direction and don't know my way around Center City, so I don't want to go places by myself, for safety reasons. And it sounds weird but I'm not sure what I really like, that a group would be centered around.
On top of that, I have the worst luck with groups. Just when I've found one, it falls apart six months later. Seriously, it has happened more than once. And book clubs have yet to work out for me, which seems RIDICULOUS because I'm a librarian.

I know I sound full of excuses. I'm just tired of working so hard to find something that might work, expecting things to be good, and being so disappointed. Repeatedly.

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