Round Two at the Vet

Well, The Cat's boo-boo on her neck did not seem to be healing up and in fact looked raw earlier in the week, so I hauled her back in last night.  It was a quieter trip as well as a calmer wait this time (no one else in the waiting room).

She still loudly expressed how much she hated anyone who tried to come near her, however.

The doctor finally got a good look at the wound and figured out that The Cat had scratched it (with the untrimmed claws on her back feet)--it was trying to heal, but sometimes things itch when they are doing so.

We figured we'll try one remedy at a time: her claws were trimmed, and I got a salve to apply.  If she's still scratching it, I either need to put those soft paw caps on her claws, or have to put a shirt or some other cover on her.

I have a feeling if I attempted either, she'd shred me!



ccr in MA said…
I don't know if you read the blog Love & Hisses, but Robyn recently had to protect a spot on one cat's neck, and they put a soft cone collar on him, backward like a cape; you can see a picture of it at the end of this entry: Maybe something like that would work? Good luck, anyway!
Kate P said…
Oh, that doesn't look too bad. She hates collars but if I get desperate, maybe it would help. Thanks for the suggestion, CCR.

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