O.K., So the Grand Summer Plans Haven't Come Together Quite Yet

Still working on getting some things out of the way before I get to the "real" summer stuff, but little by little, I am getting there.

Catching up on Sleep: I worked on Saturday, so my first "real" day off was Monday.  I slept until 10 a.m., and I had no idea I needed that.  (Until I woke up and thought to myself, "That was good--I must've needed that!")

Getting Reorganized:  As in, weeding through some accumulated piles of (mostly) papers and finding that darn box of summer clothes containing all my "everyday" outfits. 

Taking The Cat to the (New) Vet: Well, she has responded to the treatment for her neck boo-boos; however, she has lost her appetite and about a pound of weight to boot.  Her thyroid is starting to over-rev again because she won't take her medicine.  As of right now, I'm awaiting some blood test results.  He wants her to have another ultrasound because--seeing a cat who looks pretty good for having been given a death sentence more than two years ago--it's probably not cancer and he'd like to figure out what is going on with her.  I would, too.  I mean, if she's going to be around for a while, I'd like to help her feel good.

Cat-Sitting: My parents took a short trip to visit my great-aunt and also Younger Sister and Younger Sister's Fiance.  I fed the cats and catered to all their other needs.  This guy here was happy to hang out with me the first day, but after that he was kind of miffed to see me walking through the door (not Mom).

Spoiled rotten: He's got control of the sofa AND the remote.

Other Stuff: I have a couple of thank-you notes to write to some students who gave individual gifts, some books to finish reading (this one is more like a workbook, but really good), and some summer fun to plan.

My summer's just getting warmed up.



Dave E. said…
Good for you for taking a little time to rejuvenate before getting all the way into the summer stuff.

Good luck to you and The Cat. I think you made a good move with the vet change and having a fresh set of eyes on her health issues.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Dave! And sorry it took so long for me to find this filtered comment. I like the vet, even if he still is stymied by her not eating. Interestingly enough, the old vet has not contacted me since. Guess I'd better try to get her records before they toss them.

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