I Would Pay Just About Anything. . .

. . . to have all the radio stations in the Philadelphia area take "White Christmas" out of their airplay rotation.

It's like some sort of snow spell or something--play it enough, and we get socked, over and over.  I had a white-knuckled drive home from work Saturday evening on a slippery, dark, whited-out main road.

A white Christmas in Philly isn't normal.  In fact, after the next round of snow (tomorrow, aka TUESDAY, and I predict a two-hour delay for school), we're headed for 50-degree temps by the end of the week.  

If people want to see snow so badly on this side of the state, they can hit the slopes.

Or maybe they can just keep on driving to Vermont.



Dave E. said…
"It's like some sort of snow spell or something..."

It's as good an explanation as any.

We're having our coldest start to winter since the 70s. The only chance of seeing temps in the 50s around here is while my truck is warming up. It's a good year for the family to gather in Long Beach, Ca next week. I'm okay with skipping the white Christmas thing once in a while. Stay warm.
Kate P said…
Trying to stay warm! California DOES sound like a good location to celebrate and vacation right about now--lucky you!!!

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