We've Got Snow!

And anybody who was either attending or watching the Eagles game knew it.

The snow stopped late this afternoon, so I guess it won't be "turning into rain" as the forecasters had been saying!  As I type right now, the snowplow is wrapping up its work in the front driveway and I guess will be heading to the rear lot to clear it as much as possible.  It sounds as if around here it could ice up overnight, so tomorrow morning's conditions are anyone's guess.

My dad called at about 1 p.m. to see if I had made it home from Mass O.K., but I had opted to go to the vigil Mass last night (didn't have to cantor) and avoided the whole thing.  Good, he said, because he didn't have an easy time getting home from church.  The streets got slippery very quickly.

So what did I do indoors as the snow fell?  Cleaning and rearranging the living room.  The arrangement I've had probably since I set up the new stereo isn't really working out.  Plus, I need a spot to put up the Christmas tree, of course.

This is shaping up to be a project that might take a few more evenings to complete, but I know things are going to get more hectic as Christmas approaches--a mandatory prayer service at school Thursday night, a holiday party for my public library job Friday night, and then I'm on the Reference Desk for the next two weekends.  So I'd better keep going on the clean-out.

And, hey, if we do get ice, maybe I'll get to stay home tomorrow (or part of tomorrow) and get more done then, too.

As usual, when you move stuff around you find a few surprises.  So far I've found a gift card for Maggiano's (or Chili's) with $19.90 left on it, and some photos my mom had given me when she was cleaning out at the end of the summer.  One photo had "1997" in her handwriting on the back of it.

It's The Cat's Very First Christmas!
(My parents' living room/steps.)

Hard to believe it's almost her 16th!



ccr in MA said…
I love seeing baby pictures, and what's better than baby's first Christmas? Cute!

Good luck with the weather and the rearranging.
Kate P said…
I hadn't thought of it that way, but that IS a baby picture of her, CCR! She's only about five months old there but she looks like such a "big girl" with her collar on.

I'm seeing "opening 2 hours late" notices on the bottom of the TV screen for areas to the west of us. . . I wonder. . .
Sara said…
Grumble grumble grumble snow.


C'mon May.

Kate P said…
Sara--yeah, are the "White Christmas" people done asking yet? We just don't need it!
She IS just a wee itty bitty kitty there! :)

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