My Football Pool Commissioner: "You're all being beaten by a girl!"

And that GIRL happens to be Yours Truly.

(BTW the Commish also happens to be a girl!)

I suspect she might be saying this to get everyone else riled up--to come after me.  I'd better watch out!


Isn't this what they mean by "Bowl Games"?


Solitary Diner said…
I used to have the same shower curtain! Go cat lovers!
Dave E. said…
Haha...Go, Kate, Go!
Kate P said…
S.D.--My sister gave that to me for Christmas the year I moved out, so. . . yeah, it's old. But it's still cute, right? We have good taste! (And I have a matching soap dish.)

Dave--Why, thank you! It used to be the rule that you bought doughnuts for your pool if you won, but none of us work together anymore. Especially after this win, I think I need to send a gift to my commish--even if she is pumping up everyone else's outrage!

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