A Mystery: Your Predictions, Please

As I mentioned, I went to my new job yesterday, and when I got home, I checked my mailbox in the vestibule.  Nothing but a check from jury duty (yay).

However, apparently there should've been a Priority Mail package waiting for me, as the tracking number later showed me when I checked it after dinner.  I've been waiting for my new supply of coffee from Wyoming.

Delivered at 11:30 a.m.?  Well, at 6 p.m., and then again at 9 p.m., it was neither in the vestibule, nor in the lobby.

So, what do YOU think happened?  Place your vote in the combox.

A) Package was scanned as "delivered" by (most likely a substitute) mail carrier but accidentally left in the truck;

B) Package was scanned as "delivered" by (most likely a klepto coffee-loving) mail carrier and kept by him/her;

C) A neighbor picked it up by accident;

D) A neighbor stole it;

E) A visitor stole it;

F) Alien Coffee Abduction;

G) Other (explain).

I left a message at the apartment manager's office in case for some weird reason the package was left there.  It's closed on Sundays, though.  And I think I will make a call to the USPS tomorrow.

Really not happy.  Do you KNOW what I am LIKE when I don't get my COFFEE?


Anonymous said…
Oh no! I hate it when things that I'm so looking forward to arriving go missing in the shipping process. I hope your coffee turns up soon!
ccr in MA said…
How aggravating! I will go with F. I think that after it was left, a wormhole in space opened and coffee-loving aliens snagged it.
Annie Coe said…
I vote aliens :-). Congrats on the new job!!!xoxo
Kate P said…
Angela--Nah, it never showed up. Post office swears it was delivered. But the coffee people were kind enough to send a replacement. To my PARENTS' HOUSE.

CCR--Down the wormhole. You may be right!

Annie--Another vote for aliens, huh? Do you all know something I don't? :)
Thanks for the congrats!

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