First Unofficial Few Days of My New Job

So this past week, I had two days of what they call "new teacher induction," which is some training and an overview of some of the programs they use, that sort of thing.  And the union gave us lunch the one day and asked us to wear a certain color on Monday at the Big School Meeting to show solidarity.  Interesting.

Well, this is not my first time going through all this.  The strange thing I noticed was that most of the other people I'd talked to already had been working for the district at least part of the previous school year.  So while they had to sit through hearing about a lot of stuff they already knew about, at least they were pretty comfortable.

Me, I'm overwhelmed and freaking out a little.  I went to my school for the first time on Tuesday just to see what things looked like.  I had no idea what to make of half of what I saw in the library alone, but at least I got my log-in to work and could read my e-mail.  I wasn't set up for the Circ, however, so that was annoying.  The place was a bit of a mess (jammed shelves, books and VHS tapes--what!?--on the floor).  I couldn't even tell which desk was supposed to be mine, so I didn't unpack anything.  

Basically, I ended up with more questions than information.  At least I found out the library assistant has been there for a few years--but she doesn't come in until "a few days before the kids start."

The second day of induction (Thursday) was a bust because we were supposed to meet with our mentors and I didn't have one yet--and I still couldn't do much in my library.  It seems I'm not allowed to get keys or other essentials until next week.  I did meet a few more people in my building--and put my foot in my mouth a couple times thanks to the double whammy of nervousness and PMS--but then I was roped into some video shoot of a dance they're trying to put together from all the schools for Monday's big meeting.  So hopefully I racked up some points as a team player, even if I'm not that good at learning choreography in five minutes.

I'm trying not to complain, but I just want to know as much as possible so I can be as prepared as possible.  I just need something to do so I can conquer the new-job anxiety I'm feeling.  And for me, knowledge is power.

It did help that my cousins wanted to go to the movies yesterday, so we (and my mom--these are her first cousins, actually) had lunch beforehand and talked.  (We saw this which is a total chick flick but pretty good!)  My two cousins both worked in education so they were really reassuring about the whole awkward start.  My one cousin, a retired school nurse, said, "Remember, you're just one person and they're the hundred new faces.  They have it a whole lot easier."

I know it will get easier, and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.  I just really want my co-workers to like me, and I want to do this job well.  It's just so much pressure to withstand, especially, when I am haunted by the last time I started at a school and established a lousy reputation that some people wouldn't let me forget.

Not going down like that if I can help it.



ccr in MA said…
Starting a new job and all the unknowns, it's so overwhelming, and some degree of freaking out is perfectly natural. It's going to be better soon! Take deep breaths, remember you're awesome, and they will learn that soon. Hang in there!
Kate P said…
Thanks, CCR. :)

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