I've Got News for You

I was offered a job!

The day after I got home from my leadership academy stuff, I got a phone call--which I missed because it came in at 5 and I was already out the door to sub on the Reference Desk--looking to schedule an interview for the following week.

Nothing like being extra sweaty while you're all dressed up for an interview on a hot day, until on top of it you arrive at what you were told was interview site and the HR lady goes, "Didn't you get my phone call about changing the location to XYZ Elementary?"  Um, NO.  So I got to scribble down directions and dash across town.  I didn't speed (much) and they were running behind anyway.

The funny thing was, a friend of a friend happened to be the interview scheduled right after mine. . . and she was early.  She didn't recognize me, but I told her who I was and that we'd met at our friend's wedding.  We rose above our awkwardness and wished each other luck.  The principal seemed very normal.  We were meeting at XYZ Elementary because the principal was packing up to move to ABC Elementary which was the school with the open librarian position.  I thought the intervew went well.  

I checked my email after that and there was an apology from the HR lady because she discovered she'd typed my email address incorrectly and hadn't seen the bounceback.

That was a Wednesday.  The following Monday, I was offered the job.  I agonized a little bit--like, "What am I doing?  Can I do this?"--but in the end, I just figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking it.  I have a larger support system now thanks to the leadership academy, and it just feels as if the timing is right and answers to long-repeated prayers are coming through.

Of course, telling my current school that I was leaving?  Unpleasant.  Principal unhappy.  Not really my problem.

At least my co-librarian and the library secretary are really happy for me.  Those were really good conversations and I needed to hear that from them.

Guess it's full steam ahead from here!



ccr in MA said…
Wonderful news! Congratulations. And when do you start?
Solitary Diner said…
Huge congrats! As someone who doesn't really understand how libraries are structured, how does this change from your previous job?
Kate P said…
CCR--Thanks! I will be starting the last week of August, but the week before there's a 2-day teacher training. So, soon!

S.D.--Thanks! Well, in brief, I'm changing schools completely. I am leaving a private school (students pay tuition) where I was working with kids in grades 4 to 8. I am going to be the only librarian for a public (state-and-locally funded) school that starts at Kindergarten and ends at 6th grade.
The public school is part of a larger district that has several elementary schools and I am in the largest. I'll be getting a higher salary. There's just the slightest chance of a strike. . .
Dave E. said…
Wow, congratulations. I am so happy for you! What a great and well-deserved opportunity.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Dave! That's really nice of you to say.

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