Not Alone Series: The Single Seconds of Life

So, it's Friday, and I do not have a date.  I don't even have a phone call, as apparently while I was out this afternoon, Mr. Lehigh Valley (as I'm calling him because of the slight distance--I'm in the Delaware Valley) left a message on my home voicemail.

*Tangent: Why my home voicemail?  I don't give out my cell number to people I haven't met (unless they're prospective employers and even then I'm selective).  My plan is too small to be blown up by random texts and long phone calls during peak hours.  Yeah, it's one of those plans.  Those unlimited things cost too much when I'm the only one paying for it.  Also? I don't want to accept texting in place of a conversation where I don't know the person very well and will have to struggle to figure out "what he meant by that."

Back on topic.  O.K., so I have a hunch--because he canceled via a C.M. website message last night when he'd said he was going to call--that the start of pre-season football has preempted our phone calls.

Oh, I could rant about how little pre-season football matters and is just courting injuries, or maybe about the possibility that I'm reading the whole situation wrong, but I'm doing my best to stay on topic and do my post title justice.

But really?  I'm sort of O.K. with it.  For three reasons:

  1. We haven't met yet, and at this point we've only exchanged several dozen messages and had two (hour-long) phone calls.  We really can't put claims on each other's time.
  2. I could stand to heed some signals to practice patience and not get ahead of myself.
  3. I'm taking time to enjoy every little bit of life, as should he right now.

That's right, enjoy every last bit of it because once you meet me, you might be smitten. . . and that's when the world shifts.  Or maybe not right now--maybe we won't hit it off at all--but it is somewhere down the road. 

At least, I do believe that for myself.

So what will I be doing in the meantime?  Here's an idea of some things:

This afternoon, I got some time with my niece and a couple of my nephews.  We fed giraffes lettuce leaves and I helped my niece with tying her shoe.  (Funny how kids don't learn that early anymore, because of all the velcro and slip-on shoes- Tangent! Sorry!)

Hungry fella!
Nice auntie gave up a lettuce leaf for Bunny to do one more.

And hey, Friday night on TLC is "Bride Day," so after I cook myself a delicious turkey burger, I'm going to read my book and watch some people get married and have some interesting ceremonies/receptions.

And whatever I end up doing for the next hours, days, weeks, months--I will do my best to "Love Every 'Single' Second [I] Have," as Amy Spencer advises.

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ccr in MA said…
I'd say you're doing pretty well with the attitude there! And my goodness, feeding giraffes with little kids, how fun is that?
Kate P said…
I tell you, CCR, the giraffes were magnificent to see up close--and so funny. They knew when the lettuce was coming and hung around the platform. And the tongues! I'm glad Niece was hanging onto Bunny because he wasn't too good at letting go of the leaves and might've gotten yanked. . .
Unknown said…
Giraffes here in the Delaware Valley!?!

As that guy at my parish who takes heat for defending the deer who keep eating all the flowers in the Marian Grotto (hey, it's the grotto that *I* built back in the day for my Eagle Scout project -- if I want to let deer eat the flowers, I can let deer eat them...), I feel the need to track down all the local critters to say hello to...

Unknown said…
(This is when I realize that you probably just brought the kidlings to the zoo -- l'espirit d'escommentbox, or spoiled by hanging out at the wolf sanctuary on Jersey-side? Either way, good save -- little people rule...)

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