I Have Keys!

Keys make work quite a bit easier.  And I'm meeting with my mentor tomorrow morning.  Answers--hooray!

But the best thing was that I met all my co-faculty today and I ate lunch with them!  (Chipotle, my first time.)  They seem thrilled to have our new principal--I guess last year was rough--and they've been really friendly to me.

Also, I am getting the slightest kick from the realization that I don't have to do laminating for the whole school anymore.  (If you work in a school, you know that laminating is one of the high priorities at the start of the school year.)




First Unofficial Few Days of My New Job

So this past week, I had two days of what they call "new teacher induction," which is some training and an overview of some of the programs they use, that sort of thing.  And the union gave us lunch the one day and asked us to wear a certain color on Monday at the Big School Meeting to show solidarity.  Interesting.

Well, this is not my first time going through all this.  The strange thing I noticed was that most of the other people I'd talked to already had been working for the district at least part of the previous school year.  So while they had to sit through hearing about a lot of stuff they already knew about, at least they were pretty comfortable.

Me, I'm overwhelmed and freaking out a little.  I went to my school for the first time on Tuesday just to see what things looked like.  I had no idea what to make of half of what I saw in the library alone, but at least I got my log-in to work and could read my e-mail.  I wasn't set up for the Circ, however, so that was annoying.  The place was a bit of a mess (jammed shelves, books and VHS tapes--what!?--on the floor).  I couldn't even tell which desk was supposed to be mine, so I didn't unpack anything.  

Basically, I ended up with more questions than information.  At least I found out the library assistant has been there for a few years--but she doesn't come in until "a few days before the kids start."

The second day of induction (Thursday) was a bust because we were supposed to meet with our mentors and I didn't have one yet--and I still couldn't do much in my library.  It seems I'm not allowed to get keys or other essentials until next week.  I did meet a few more people in my building--and put my foot in my mouth a couple times thanks to the double whammy of nervousness and PMS--but then I was roped into some video shoot of a dance they're trying to put together from all the schools for Monday's big meeting.  So hopefully I racked up some points as a team player, even if I'm not that good at learning choreography in five minutes.

I'm trying not to complain, but I just want to know as much as possible so I can be as prepared as possible.  I just need something to do so I can conquer the new-job anxiety I'm feeling.  And for me, knowledge is power.

It did help that my cousins wanted to go to the movies yesterday, so we (and my mom--these are her first cousins, actually) had lunch beforehand and talked.  (We saw this which is a total chick flick but pretty good!)  My two cousins both worked in education so they were really reassuring about the whole awkward start.  My one cousin, a retired school nurse, said, "Remember, you're just one person and they're the hundred new faces.  They have it a whole lot easier."

I know it will get easier, and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.  I just really want my co-workers to like me, and I want to do this job well.  It's just so much pressure to withstand, especially, when I am haunted by the last time I started at a school and established a lousy reputation that some people wouldn't let me forget.

Not going down like that if I can help it.



To Auntie Seraphic: Thanks for the Singular Words on Singles

Some of the regular readers here might also be readers of the Seraphic Singles blog (and the regulars might have noticed the template change at this ol' blog--better, I hope?) and know that Seraphic (a.k.a. "Aunty Seraphic") is closing out her chapter on blogging about the Single Life.

I personally want to thank her for all the sympathetic words, straight talk, spirited discussions, and connections fostered among many Christian women on the interwebs.  There may be a lot of blogs out there about being single (mine included), but there was something special about what she offered to singles.  And I'm grateful that she prays for us singles, too.  I know she does.

So I'd like to thank her by making a (virtual) spiritual bouquet.

I am going to offer five rosaries in the coming week for her and her intentions.

If anyone wants to join me, please feel free to do so in the comment box OR e-mail me and I can update it/her.

Thanks and so long, Seraphic Singles.



Not Alone Series: The Single Seconds of Life

So, it's Friday, and I do not have a date.  I don't even have a phone call, as apparently while I was out this afternoon, Mr. Lehigh Valley (as I'm calling him because of the slight distance--I'm in the Delaware Valley) left a message on my home voicemail.

*Tangent: Why my home voicemail?  I don't give out my cell number to people I haven't met (unless they're prospective employers and even then I'm selective).  My plan is too small to be blown up by random texts and long phone calls during peak hours.  Yeah, it's one of those plans.  Those unlimited things cost too much when I'm the only one paying for it.  Also? I don't want to accept texting in place of a conversation where I don't know the person very well and will have to struggle to figure out "what he meant by that."

Back on topic.  O.K., so I have a hunch--because he canceled via a C.M. website message last night when he'd said he was going to call--that the start of pre-season football has preempted our phone calls.

Oh, I could rant about how little pre-season football matters and is just courting injuries, or maybe about the possibility that I'm reading the whole situation wrong, but I'm doing my best to stay on topic and do my post title justice.

But really?  I'm sort of O.K. with it.  For three reasons:

  1. We haven't met yet, and at this point we've only exchanged several dozen messages and had two (hour-long) phone calls.  We really can't put claims on each other's time.
  2. I could stand to heed some signals to practice patience and not get ahead of myself.
  3. I'm taking time to enjoy every little bit of life, as should he right now.

That's right, enjoy every last bit of it because once you meet me, you might be smitten. . . and that's when the world shifts.  Or maybe not right now--maybe we won't hit it off at all--but it is somewhere down the road. 

At least, I do believe that for myself.

So what will I be doing in the meantime?  Here's an idea of some things:

This afternoon, I got some time with my niece and a couple of my nephews.  We fed giraffes lettuce leaves and I helped my niece with tying her shoe.  (Funny how kids don't learn that early anymore, because of all the velcro and slip-on shoes- Tangent! Sorry!)

Hungry fella!
Nice auntie gave up a lettuce leaf for Bunny to do one more.

And hey, Friday night on TLC is "Bride Day," so after I cook myself a delicious turkey burger, I'm going to read my book and watch some people get married and have some interesting ceremonies/receptions.

And whatever I end up doing for the next hours, days, weeks, months--I will do my best to "Love Every 'Single' Second [I] Have," as Amy Spencer advises.

For more Not Alone Series posts, see Jen's post here.



It's Super Moon Sunday!

In case you haven't heard, there is a Super (Full) Moon tonight.

I don't know if that is what is making my weekend so strange but also very special.  

The events:

Friday morning: I took a chance and went to the local urgent-care-type facility to get the physical my new school district requires. I was out of there in less than 90 minutes (new record) but not unscathed--I get to spend the weekend with a big mark on my left arm from a stupid TB test.

Friday night: Last-minute invite to a longtime friend's house where she was having a "Girls' Night" dinner.  Discovered wine slushies.  Surrounded by elementary school moms offering dating advice.

Saturday morning: Woke up wondering why I could see, and realized I'd gone to bed with all my night routine done except taking out my contacts.  That has not happened to me since college!  (Blaming it on the wine slushies, of course.)  Had to wear my glasses--very thankful I put updated lenses in them last month--and looked the part of a "SaturdayLibrarian" (most entertaining Twitter hashtag ever!) for sure.
My dear friend and co-worker LibraryElf tells me there's a Super Moon this weekend.  (Then she bails because she's got comp time from running the summer reading programs!  How cruel!!!  No, seriously, I love you, LibraryElf.)
So we brace ourselves for the interesting patrons we will encounter.

Saturday afternoon: There they are!  
  • The elderly patron who shows up right as I'm trying to head to lunch (hounded by a very caring Circ staffer who makes sure we all get lunch) and declares hasn't checked her Gmail in five years and wants to do it right now.  And she doesn't understand her account has been hacked.  She refused to deal with the involved steps of either resetting her password or making a new account, so I had to send her on her way with things to think about and discuss with her daughters (who made her set up that account all those years ago).  People, don't make your elderly parents sign up for e-mail when they don't have access and don't like to use computers.  PLEASE.
  • Still got a "Do you work here?" when I'm walking around with a requests printout and (as mentioned earlier) wearing my glasses.  YES, I DO.  LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE SIXTY CENT/HOUR RAISE I GOT LAST MONTH WHICH IS HELPING PAY FOR MY CORRECTED EYESIGHT TODAY.
  • The unstable patron NOBODY likes came in at 20 minutes to close.  Last time she was there while I was on the Ref Desk, she was sweet as pie to me as I helped her apply for jobs on the computer.  This time?  Super Moon Super Nut.  She crabbed at the Circ staffer who mentioned she was lucky she got there in time to get a computer and should be prepared when we shut them down at five till.  (We don't check them out if it's 15 minutes or less before closing.)  Then she's got the volume up on some YouTube videos, and when I ask if she can put in earbuds or turn it down, she snaps at me, "I don't have earbuds!  I'm unemployed!  I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my car!"  WTF.  I WALKED AWAY AND JUST COUNTED THE MINUTES UNTIL WE COULD SHOW HER THE DOOR.
  • That same guy who keeps reserving one of the study rooms and doesn't pack up until the second we're closed.  DUDE, WE HAVE LIVES.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO HOME BUT YOU CAN'T STAY HERE.  Coincidentally, that was the guy who spoiled Season Three of Homeland for the Circ Staffers who already had told him they hadn't seen it yet.  What???  Why???

Saturday evening: My 80-something neighbor lady invited me to her cat's 10th birthday party.  Yes, her cat.  He's the Ragdoll who meows at me when he's looking out her screen door and sees me come up the parking lot steps.  So after I fed The Cat and got changed from my work clothes, Neighbor lady gave me snacks and Yellowtail sparkling wine to celebrate.

And I got her cat stoned on catnip. Sooo mellow.

Sunday morning: Had to go get my TB test checked after Mass.  Arrived about 15 minutes ahead of the 48-hour window, so I got to sit in an empty waiting room and enjoy a free cup of coffee while I perused Facebook on my phone.  No TB and a K-cup?  Score.  After that, I did a quick grocery trip and the cashier was so sweet!   She informed me about kombucha (still not sure I want to drink it) and told me that when she was a kid, her favorite teachers were librarians.  Yay!

And, to top it all off, tonight I have my second phone call with one of the apparently few normal, nice guys on Catholic Match.  Kinda hoping he asks me out soon.  Will keep you posted.

Anyone else having weird Super Moon stuff going on???


I've Got News for You

I was offered a job!

The day after I got home from my leadership academy stuff, I got a phone call--which I missed because it came in at 5 and I was already out the door to sub on the Reference Desk--looking to schedule an interview for the following week.

Nothing like being extra sweaty while you're all dressed up for an interview on a hot day, until on top of it you arrive at what you were told was interview site and the HR lady goes, "Didn't you get my phone call about changing the location to XYZ Elementary?"  Um, NO.  So I got to scribble down directions and dash across town.  I didn't speed (much) and they were running behind anyway.

The funny thing was, a friend of a friend happened to be the interview scheduled right after mine. . . and she was early.  She didn't recognize me, but I told her who I was and that we'd met at our friend's wedding.  We rose above our awkwardness and wished each other luck.  The principal seemed very normal.  We were meeting at XYZ Elementary because the principal was packing up to move to ABC Elementary which was the school with the open librarian position.  I thought the intervew went well.  

I checked my email after that and there was an apology from the HR lady because she discovered she'd typed my email address incorrectly and hadn't seen the bounceback.

That was a Wednesday.  The following Monday, I was offered the job.  I agonized a little bit--like, "What am I doing?  Can I do this?"--but in the end, I just figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking it.  I have a larger support system now thanks to the leadership academy, and it just feels as if the timing is right and answers to long-repeated prayers are coming through.

Of course, telling my current school that I was leaving?  Unpleasant.  Principal unhappy.  Not really my problem.

At least my co-librarian and the library secretary are really happy for me.  Those were really good conversations and I needed to hear that from them.

Guess it's full steam ahead from here!



More Diversions for My Dear Readers

A little something to tide you over until I have news:  

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And next week, there will be news.