The Friday Five: Random

Because I'm running late and really need to get to bed (two jobs again tomorrow!), the five steps to choosing the winner of a fabulous (yet not 100% determined) prize:

1. Read over all the comments from last week again and enjoy them all over again.

2. Using memo cube pages, write an entrant's name on each page.

3. Fold each one in fours and place in fancy raffle bowl (below).

Check out what kind of cereal I like. And how I like to keep cooktop wipes handy.
(Maybe a little too handy.)

4. Swirl folded-up pages around to make it all official.

5. Draw a name and declare a winner. . .

Congrats to Mighty Maggie!

Thanks to all for playing and I hope to do a giveaway again, before post #400, I'm sure. I wish everyone a restorative weekend filled with things you like.


Lindsay said…
Oh i was SO close. J/k. Happy Saturday!
maggie said…
Mr. Bingley said…
I feel like Miss California.
Cullen said…
Congrats Mighty Mag.

You do have the chest for it, Bing.
Mr. Bingley said…
Ken's been talking again?
Lizzie said…
Maybe I can convince Maggie to share if it's really awesome....
Anonymous said…
Yay for Maggie!
Oh and Kate, I liked that article from Self. I ended up buying the mag because I got the evil eye from the manager of the store I was in. Ha!
Kate P said…
Lindsay--Rats! You probably would've had something good to contribute, too.

Maggie--now that sounds like a winner to me. :)

Bingley--you're not tan enough to feel like her.

Cullen--aaah! Manboobs!!!!

Lizzie--Maggie seems like the sharing type, yes?

AC--Heh heh: "You gonna buy that, kid?" Sorry you're out four bucks but glad you liked it. If it's any consolation, I also liked the book recommendations on page 118 (except the second one--libido lift not necessary!). And I want just about every product on page 48. :)

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