The Friday Five: O.K. & a Giveaway

This week was, in summary, not a very good week. Nobody died or anything (thank God!) but it was just one irritating thing after another. . . culminating in my paycheck being short 5-1/2 hours of pay for the week, owing to an oversight. (Please, Lord, let the new director of the library cleanse the system of this baloney when he comes.)

Sometimes, when I get stressed out, I bury my face in reading matter. I don't even realize I'm doing it until an hour has passed and I realize I haven't moved from the spot, with a book or magazine sitting in my lap. Or sitting on top of the cat who is sitting in my lap or more accurately stretched out across the entire length of my legs.

I think that's O.K. That's one of my favorite features in one of the magazines I read on occasion (maybe Glamour?): the "Hey, It's O.K." list. As in, "It's O.K. to be the only one obsessed with the condition of your pedicure, even though it's the dead of winter." Well, they're not all so superficial, but you get the idea. So here are five more things to which I say, It's O.K. . . .

1. to deem funny cartoons the poor man's therapy session.

2. to be attached to an outdated technology (VCR, landline, the stereo you've had since your college days, etc.).

3. to shop at a store in city limits, and pay higher sales tax, even though nearly exactly the same store is around the corner from you, just because the staff is nicer at the city store.

4. to say hi to your neighbor's cat as he's sitting in the window watching you come up the stairs to the building entrance. (And not take it personally if he just keeps staring at you.)

5. to get annoyed when radio DJs talk over the beginnings or endings of songs. Especially songs you like. To the point where you're thinking maybe it's time to do something about #2.


This blog recently passed Post Number 300! Woo-hoo! I feel like giving something away. Haven't decided what yet. (I'm a Libra, and that's O.K.)

Here's what you do: Add your own "It's O.K." in the combox. Doesn't have to be literary genius (have you seen mine?); just take a stab. Multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning but will be highly entertaining nevertheless. I'll do a random drawing from all the names and pick one winner next Friday. Maybe I'll have the cat do it because she's been kinda bored lately. And I will send the winner one awesome prize. Doesn't sound hard at all, does it? No! Oh, wait-

THE CATCH: Because this is the Friday Five, at least FIVE (5) different people have to comment. Or I give myself a prize instead. Please, save me from my temptation to spoil myself. I know you all can do it.

Make me proud.

And have a nice weekend.


Annie Coe said…
Here I am, I want to win :-).
It's okay that I am really pissed off at life today, it is bound to happen once in a while...
Lindsay said…
It's ok that my idea of a great Friday night is blogs, a blanket and my couch!
Anonymous said…
It's ok that my note book has coffee all over it.
Anonymous said…
It's ok to eat all of your son's Easter candy because he's completely clueless and will never remember.
Cullen said…
It's OK to keep asking your professor for more time on a paper when your computers keep crashing.
Kate P said…
Nice job! (And sorry, Annie & Cullen--hope things are going better now.)
It's OK that the cat catches lizards in the back yard and brings them into the house, through the tiled Florida room, through the tiled living room, and into the carpeted dining room (where else?) to kill and eat them.

It's OK that we let her do it.

Is it OK that we kind of think it's cute? I bet the lizards don't think that.
Dave E. said…
My contributions:

It's ok to once in a while blow off a chore and not miss a chance to enjoy life(by say, getting out of town for a long weekend).

It's ok if the dog gets a little bit of human food once in a great while, especially if she's been good.
nightfly said…
It's OK if the puppy occasionally snitches a sock when nobody's looking. We can always buy more socks.

It's OK if the call goes to voice mail.

Sometimes the joke IS on you. it's OK to laugh when that happens.

It's OK to hold a concert in the car, playing whichever instrument happens to have a wailing solo at the moment.

It's OK if the other drivers stare at your concert. You'd do the same if they were performing. It's all part of the fun.

It's OK if you don't like the current weather. It's gonna change in a few days anyway. (It's also OK to enjoy whatever weather's happening now, as proper to the day.)

It's OK to like fairy tales and sing-songs and other "childish" things; to take frivolous things seriously for their own sakes; and occasionally to see serious things with a little solemn mirth.
Mr. Bingley said…
It's OK if you're just north of TX and just south of KS.
Kate P said…
Man, I wish I could send all of you prizes. These were great. Stay tuned for the winner! :)

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