From Scrabble to Scrambling

It struck me, as I came out of the numbness of winding down my time at school, that my really good health insurance would be ending and I'd have to pay for my own inferior coverage--and then the light bulb went off that there were some tests I'd put off, and a July check-up with the specialist who was keeping an eye on my anemia, so if I wanted them taken care of, I'd better squeeze them in before July 1.

So I'm running off to the specialist this evening, and doing the tests tomorrow afternoon.

Well, it's a nice distraction from being home and wondering why won't the phone ring, dammit?

Anyway. . . I also am finishing watching Coal Miner's Daughter, and I know I still owe posts for "Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything," so thanks for your patience. Oh, yeah, and I think I have to get two new tires for the car because the one tire that had a plug replaced went completely flat again. The timing on that is just soooo perfect. But hey, maybe the minute I take the car in to get worked on, I'll get called for tons of interviews! Hee hee hee hee. I love irony.

Normalcy should resume eventually. I'm hoping it will, anyway!


Nina said…
I am doing that too - mammogram, etc before I lose the supposedly good insurance. Lady appointments.. blech.
Kate P said…
You said it, Nina. Friday, Monday, Tuesday. Not pleasant.

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