Round 2 Interview

So, while I was checking my home voice mail messages before meeting up IRL with the one and only Amy G (and the rest of the very cute G-fam), I found out I got called back for a second interview. . . for the elementary school position. You know, the one I didn't apply for but was mentioned while I was at the interview for the middle school position a couple Fridays ago.

The middle school position's off their website, so I guess in combination with the callback for the elementary position that means I don't have a shot at it.


I agreed to go to the interview anyway. I have no idea how I'm going to ask to leave early, because I'm not even sure where it is and how long it will take to get there, but. . . seriously, I don't know why I'm going. I do not want to go between two separate sites and the little kids are not my top preference. I haven't been keeping up with kiddie lit and all I know is the final Knuffle Bunny is coming out. That's it.

Smells like. . . desperation. I came home from school on Friday and there was a big envelope waiting to come out of my mailbox to tell me all about the options I have for COBRA medical insurance, because the school district hasn't made any hiring decisions yet for the coming school year. The monthly amount brought tears to my eyes.

It also smells like whining, so I think I'm going to go look up directions and then get my whiny, downtrodden self to bed.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, dear.

Tough times call for chocolate. Do you have enough? Or at least a lot?

Fingers crossed that something great will work out for you. (My verification word is "insynche"--that has to be a good sign!)
Kate P said…
Thank you! Chocolate is definitely in the house. I brought some in for our staff lunch today, too.

I did feel a bit in sync with the principal. . . just hope I can close the deal and get that callback to meet with the superintendent.

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