Two Things I Can't Believe I Did Today

Thing #1: Taught my first formal class (of many) to sixth graders. I have two more sets of them tomorrow and I hope they are not as itchy as these guys were. One of them raised his hand in the middle of roll and asked cheekily, "Who ARE you?" Not the disciplined dreams I thought they'd be, that's for sure. But maybe the kid made a good point; I've been a no-show and the subject of much talk (she went to L.A.! For that show!) for the first two weeks of school. Maybe they'll settle down if I talk about where I've been or something.

OTOH, I enjoyed my time with the eighth grade science classes who came in for research, and the seventh graders weren't too bad, either.

Thing #2: Choked down some aloe vera juice. I've had tastier swimming pool water. However, I'm dealing with a lovely case of thrush on my tongue (probably from antibiotics, countless ginger ales to keep the antibiotics down, and canned fruit that was the only fruit allowed for the past two weeks). I also have a bit of a sore throat that probably is a mild version of what my cousin had while we were L.A. I've been too tired to fight it off, I guess. But now I am trying to kick all this stuff--and get the department of my interior back on track--with a vengeance. At the advisement of the doctor-friend of the family, I went to the Whole Paycheck store and got the aloe and some prebiotic/probiotic capsules to take. In between jet-lag naps (O.K., nodding off out of the blue) on the sofa.

Which is why I don't have any photos for you yet. Maybe by the end of the week.

I sort of haven't totally unpacked yet and I don't know where the camera ended up, but that's a mystery to solve tomorrow night because I need to go to bed.


Annie Coe said…
I take Aloe vera daily and it really helps, you get used to the taste :-). Good luck with the kids!
ccr in MA said…
I don't imagine the aloe vera was delicious, but it's not the worst drink I heard about today; read this, and maybe you'll feel better about it:
Kate P said…
Annie--I was hoping it would turn out to be an acquired taste (or that the thrush will go away and I can mix the aloe with apple juice or something!). Thanks!

CCR--now that does sound pretty gross. Aloe juice is more like #1. ;)

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