Avoiding the Subject

All I want to say about school right now, because IRL it seems I get asked a million times--particularly as an effort at small talk by my new co-workers--some form of question about how things are going at school for me. . . It's a new job. It's a major adjustment. There are things I love, there are things I'm not sure I like, and there are things I can't seem to keep straight and are frustrating me to no end.

On top of that, I just heard that (1) one of my great-uncles, who hasn't been in good health for several years now, suffered what was probably a minor stroke last week and there is confusing info about prognosis, hospice care, etc.; (2) on the other side of my family, my late great-uncle D's half-brother passed away. I'm not related but I knew who he was and he meant a lot to my cousins (particularly my cousins who accompanied me to L.A.) so that's a bummer.

With that out of the way, let's talk about things I like.

CCR's pretty scarf/neck-cozy.

Heather King (who I am 95% sure wrote great reflections in Living Faith at one time, and who as I learned from Amy Welborn is now blogging) offers a thinking writer's response to a magazine's bizarre demand in exchange for mere consideration. (Don't be put off by the Sacred Heart photo at the top--she's cool.)

Top Chef's Just Desserts. Which is on now so I'm going to watch it and be happy.

Hope you are happy, too.


ccr in MA said…
I read about that new policy, and couldn't put a finger on what was so 'off' about it. She got it: "the idea is to make a sacrifice yourself, not to compel a sacrifice from others." Exactly. I'd be interested to hear how that works for them, in terms of submission rates before and after.
Kate P said…
*snort* they're probably proud of their ability to exclude more people. Snots.

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