Peaches & Tuna

No, it's not a singing duo.

One thing that definitely is missing from a low-fiber diet is texture. No raw veggies or fruits--but canned or really cooked are O.K. So tonight, because it's a little warm, dinner (a late dinner because I spent more time in traffic than at the family doctor's for a follow-up) was tuna mixed up with a little light mayo (my preference here but you West-Coasters know it by a different name) and some canned peaches on top, on toasted white (urk, urk) bread.

Don't knock it till you tried it. *sigh* But I do miss lettuce and tomato in my sandwich.

Other than that, not much going on. I'm simultaeously processing what happened to me last week and planning for what's going to happen in next few days. It's enough to make me a little crazy, but I'm just too exhausted for that.

I have two separate wake-up times early in the morning for meds.


ccr in MA said…
I ... uh ... well, I am not knocking it, but I am having trouble imagining what that combination tastes like. And honestly I'm a little afraid to try it.
Kate P said…
It's probably best when everything is REALLY cold. But if it still makes you squeamish (and I'm not judging; I have food combo hang-ups myself), chicken salad is a good substitute. Some people put grapes and nuts in chicken salad--both of which are not options for me right now!
Lindsay said…
White bread... you poor thing! But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do in order to recuperate. How are you feeling? I hope you're doing better and healing up nicely! I will definitely say some prayers for your continued recovery and smooth sailing on the health front.
Kate P said…
I'm hanging in there, Lindsay. Thanks for the prayers! :)

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