The Love/Hate of the DMV Continues

I don't know how it is in other states, but a few years back Pennsylvania decided to make driver's licenses expire the day after one's birthday. Even though I had sent away for the renewal in August, I kept forgetting to go get my picture done. It also doesn't help that the DMV is not open past 4 p.m. every day but Thursday. I needed to scramble, and today was the day to do it.

Today was my second day as a solo librarian because the lower school librarian had to go out of town unexpectedly starting Wednesday. I did O.K. except for the point where I got trapped at the laminator (yes, part of my job requires me to laminate people's stuff every Thursday--ugh) during the Open House, so there were no librarians to meet the prospective parents. I don't think it mattered that much, because most prospective parents are thinking about sending children below Grade 4, and that's not my area.

Anyway, Thursday is also Meeting Day, so it's a long day in any event. Add to it a ton of rain and you'll understand that 35 minutes to the DMV felt like two hours. At least I got some audio reading time logged for this book. It's an O.K. story; I don't think I would have suffered through reading it in print. I'm in the middle of Chapter 9 and have a feeling the worst is yet to come.

The rain made my hair poufy, and on my license it looks like an odd color. On top of that, I blinked the first time the DMV lady (who I later realized tended to rest her ample front porch on her desk) snapped my picture and then she didn't give me enough time to get a more genuine smile in place before the second one was taken. So I've got poufy hair and a lopsided smile in my driver's license photo. I had worse hair last time, but I think my face looks a little puffy. Still, it's fairly decent as far as license photos go, I guess.

Unless something happens, I'm stuck with that photo for four years.

Anybody else's license photo that bad, too?


Dave E. said…
Heh...I'd take worse hair over less hair. ;)

Here we have AAA as an alternative to the county service centers that handle DMV functions. I'm about 5 blocks away from one of those AAA offices and have never had a problem. I'll bet we have one of the best driver/vehicle services setups in the country.
ccr in MA said…
Once I wore a peach-colored shirt in my license photo. At a glance, it looked like I didn't have a shirt on. Not good.

In my current photo, I look ... ruddy. It's kind of weird, but better than the no-shirt look, anyway.
Kate P said…
Dave--oh, thanks to being sick I've got less hair, too. Fun.
You can do that at the AAA? I am so envious! It would be a heckuva lot more efficient, I'll bet.

CCR--oh no! I had a similar peach shirt incident my freshman year of college. Yeah, that shirt got retired pronto. But ITA better red than nekkid. :)

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