Famished Friday

I drank ginger ale for breakfast while sitting in traffic in an attempt to find a road not closed due to flooding. It took me 1 hour 20 minutes to get to school. On a good day it usually takes me less than 25 minutes! Stupid hurricane leftovers. Lousy flooded creek.

Worked on lesson plans from the time I got in to the time I took a break to scarf down some chicken broth (and more ginger ale) before handling indoor recess (more rain!!!) and lunch duty with the 4th and 5th graders. One of the 4th graders loves talking to me, but for the life of him he can't remember my name. He calls me "Mrs. Librarian." It's kinda cute.* (When the high schoolers would try that, it would tick me off. Especially when they were right near my desk which had my name taped to it.)

I'm nearly deaf from the very loud but enthusiastic pep rally held in honor of Homecoming Weekend. I'm not big on sports or homecoming for that matter, but it was tolerable and took my mind off the growls coming from my stomach.

Dinner was more chicken broth and apple juice, and dessert was aloe vera juice (see Thing #2; ick). I still feel the occasional twinge on my right side--although admittedly I was getting stressed out from the traffic and finding out my air conditioner still leaks rainwater onto the carpet--but I'm hopeful things will be better tomorrow.

I'm meeting up with former co-workers from my old corporate job (both of whom were laid off before I quit) for movies & dinner tomorrow, and if I can't drink I sure do want to be able to eat!

*Oh no! I might like working with 4th graders!


ccr in MA said…
I will send you happy-internals-thoughts all day.

I think Mrs Librarian is cute, but of course it wasn't directed at me. I'd take "Ms Words" myself.
Annie Coe said…
I hope you feel better soon and that the rain stops. xoxo
Kate P said…
CCR--Thank you! I did O.K. the rest of the day. Today, more kind-of O.K. (But darnit I still didn't dare try a strip of bacon with my eggs. . . the 18 year old cat at my parents' got more bacon than I did!)

Annie--Thank you! Well, we had no rain this weekend but it's coming again tomorrow. I hope the kids still get to go outside for recess. . .

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