Carols for the Maiden Aunt's Christmas

1. Police Navidad: It was an action-packed Saturday at the library, and it included a visit from the local police.  I had to report that items were stolen from the woman who had been changing the display case--she left some things in the vestibule while loading her car--and apparently someone walked out with the stuff.  She's changed the display case a few times in the past month without incident, so why this happened now, I have to wonder.  Maybe it was the time of year and someone "went Christmas shopping."

LibraryElf had just finished her party with the young 'uns (stories, jingle bells, songs, mayhem) so she was very helpful with the situation (as much as anyone could be, considering the patron who said he witnessed the theft gave his contact info and left).

Me: That officer was pretty cute.

LibraryElf: Yes. [Agreeing from an observation standpoint as she is a newlywed!] I wonder if he's married.

Me: I di'n't see no ring on that finger. . .   

Maybe he'll need to contact me for more information sometime. Or for a date.  

2. Homemade for the Holidays: Meringues are in the oven right now--I just turn off the oven after 1-1/4 hours and let them sit overnight--and I'll be roasting potatoes tomorrow to take to my parents' for Christmas dinner.

3. I've Got My Chunky Calico to Keep Me Warm: Not looking forward to being one of the rare singles at Christmas Eve dinner, but I'll just try to stay in the present and enjoy the get-together. And my delightful half-a-crabcake

4. I Heard the Drunks on Christmas Day The other thing I'm not looking forward to.  (I'm looking at you, neighbors who were disorderly on Thanksgiving.)

5. Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas:  The gloominess and un-festive-ness of that song aside, that is my wish for all my readers.  See you later in the week!




Have a Merry Christmas too! I'll be thinking of you when I'm also the lone single person at my holiday gathering.
Slauditory said…
Have a merry Christmas! It sounds like your holiday started off on a bad note, but it will get better with cookies, potatoes, and good cheer.

I can't even believe that I'm not single anymore. Apparently, one has to make a public declaration on one's blog that one has stopped dating, then go on a date with a guy because he asked, going into it with low expectations and then getting delightfully surprised with how sweet and interesting he is and how much he reciprocates those feelings. So, renounce dating and he will come?
ccr in MA said…
Merry Christmas! And may you get an interesting call soon.

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