Moving on to the Bonus Round

I guess I should add to my previous post that while I earned no "Singles Survival" points at the Thanksgiving table, after my great-aunt's funeral last Friday--which was lovely, a sort of bittersweet family reunion--we gathered for lunch and chatted with all the relatives who were able to make it from Maine or North Carolina or wherever. . . it was like going to the Bonus Round.

Not too badly, mind you.  It's just that, well, I don't know if my uncles just like to fuss over me, or they remember what an unfortunate-looking kid I was most of my life, or they realize that I'm getting older and that means they're getting older--but there I am, dressed up in my church clothes (black velvet blazer, black jersey skirt that's not too short/long, ivory camisole trimmed in lace) and wearing makeup--and they're all saying how good I look, what a "beautiful young woman" I've become, etc.

I smile (probably a little shyly, probably blushing) and say, "Thank you." 

My mom (love you, Mom!) pipes up, "And why aren't you doing anything to introduce her to some nice young men!?"

She's allowed to boss her younger brothers around.



Annie Coe said…
That's lovely. Glad you had a good family gathering, sorry about your great aunt. xoxo
Kate P said…
Thanks, Annie!
Rob said…
Sorry about your aunt, Kate, but the bouquets sounded nice. :)

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