World Doesn't End, I Eat Lunch and Shop

It's the time of year when a lot of people spend more time in the kitchen, and might have forgotten some safety rules.


The above message was (unknowingly) brought to you by Younger Sister.  I can't wait to see how big the bandage is on her finger.  I'm glad she still has her finger.

In other news, after a harrowing vet visit in which The (10+ lb.) Cat gave everyone a piece of her mind and took several pieces out of the vet tech's hand during tests, it was determined that everything's status quo.  So we're reducing the dose of her steroids to see if she stops acting super-starving 24/7. 

Also, today was the kickoff of Christmas vacation from school.  We sent the students on their way to a greatly anticipated vacation after a half day, and then we had a staff lunch including a voluntary pollyanna which is always hilarious and somewhat insightful into the personalities of my co-workers.

I had some beef tenderloin and after waiting my turn for my pollyanna number to be called (which coincidentally was my AGE so you can imagine how long I was waiting) I wound up with a gift set I jokingly called "The Single Girl's Holiday Survival Kit."  It contained a certain movie involving men who, um, dance for a living, and two Seen-on-TV items.   (No, not the Ove Glove. And thank the Lord not Stompeez which I'm pretty sure would scare the living daylights out of The Cat. If they worked.)  Well, really I was sparing a teacher who is happily married and a grandparent.

After that, as is my tradition, I head up to the clothing shops at a nearby shopping center and see if I can score a bargain sweater or something to wear for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner (or both).  This time, I kicked serious retail butt and got a couple of v-neck merino wool cardigans and a cute skirt (looks like this).  I might wear the skirt to Christmas Mass. . . wherever I decide to go.  I'd better figure that out soon

The Christmas tree's still not up, but I think I can get it done tomorrow night after work.  Yeah, I have to work at my other job this weekend--the newbie gets the least desirable weekends, y'know.  And it's supposed to be bitterly cold all weekend, so maybe between holiday shopping/traveling/partying and the cold weather, maybe I'll just be writing Christmas cards at the Ref Desk.  Or convincing my co-workers we need to have some cart races down the long hallway off the Children's section.

I'll let you know how all that goes.



ccr in MA said…
Ooof, I hope you get through work with sanity intact. I've worked Christmas in retail, and while it was a while ago, the memories are still strong. And I hope your sister's finger is okay! Ow.
Kate P said…
CCR--well, it's not retail, but sometimes I do feel treated more like a salesclerk than a librarian. Thanks!

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