Getting Back Into the Present

Here are the few (few!) things you need to know about what happened in the past month:

1. The items I mentioned that were stolen from the library's display case here were recovered.  It took a ton of publicizing, and it pretty much was a case of "I thought they were part of the 'Free' table."  So that was good news--too bad I didn't get to notify the cute police officer.

2. Christmas Eve was a fun time with my Dad's side of the family.  My cousin's little daughter decided I was her BFF and led me around the house by the hand.

3. Christmas was fairly quiet, owing to the fact that Older Brother's family was all sick, so it was just us grown-ups--and I use the term loosely.  We got giddy over the Talking Mistletoe (he's a little pervy) and flying superhero monkeys, and a discussion involving school safety made My Maiden Aunt throw a hissy fit and declare she was leaving.  And then left an hour later.  I just kept on drinking my coffee.  Oh, and I was spoiled with presents--always good stuff from the parents, and I don't know how Younger Sister found soft cotton knit pajamas pants when I've been looking forever.  And she passed along my wish list to YSBF who gave me six of these. (Five are currently in my fridge.)

4. I was starting to feel a little run-down after Christmas but I made it to see the doctor I see for my anemia (good numbers!) in Jersey and did a little shopping.  Found a Hallmark store with the ornaments all on clearance, so I treated myself to a couple of Hoops & Yoyo ones (English and Spanish speaking)

5. Spent New Year's Eve at one of those urgent-care offices just trying to get a doctor to see me for the three-day headache and fever I'd had.  Four hours until I was seen, because there was only one doctor--a very nice Jewish one who sang "O Holy Night" to me.  And then prescribed ten days of antibiotics.

Now, I'm back at school, running around like crazy, as usual.  Trivia benefit season has started, and as of last Friday night, I have one win.  It was fun, raised money to help teach technology/engineering to students at my former high school.  Oh, and I got to talk to my former Algebra teacher.  "It's been a million years," she said.  She's still got that dry wit.

Also, I got brave and made a facebook page.  Not quite sure I understand it all--for example, I can't figure out how to "friend" my own sister--but that can wait.

She's playing around in the snow not far from Liverpool.

I hope I also get to go somewhere fun this year.

And The Cat?  
She's been making herself useful as the Keeper of the Bacon.



ccr in MA said…
Is she planning to share that bacon? Because she's not doing the full-on hide-it covering pose, but I sense a trap.
Sara said…
"'It's been a million years,' she said."

Not quite that long. Maybe 999,999 years, but quit trying to make us feel older than we are. Hmmph.

Glad to hear that you're doing better, but I have lost my Sister from the Facebook Free Fold. Our numbers are dwindling, and the cocktail parties are becoming more desolate. That's it, I'm deleting your subscription to the newsletter.
Kate P said…
CCR--If given the choice, she would share. A little.
The thing I keep trying to get her to understand is our house rule that no one eats raw bacon. She's not hearing that.

Sara--Yeah, for being a teacher involved with numbers, you think she'd have been more precise. ;)
And I know, I know, I'm sorry, but I was threatened with not seeing any photos of my niece & nephews! (Not that either of the aforementioned children's parents has accepted my friend request yet.)
Sara said…
Blatant bribery, eh! I see, I see.
Dave E. said…
Keeper of the Bacon is serious business. I'm glad The Cat has the properly stern expression that the office requires.
Kate P said…
Sara--it's extortion, I tells ya.

Dave--Ha! She's marked that way. My sister says she has "angry eyebrows." I know she's happy when she's purring.

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