Prediction Update and Revision UPDATED! (Seemingly Redundant!)

We did have an early dismissal today.  (Why we even were there in the first place is beyond me.)  School started the dismissal process at 10:45, but for some kids it was a while before their bus arrived.  I left at about 12:20 after a fun time cleaning the snow off my car (only to have it blow back into my face--stupid wind).

I got home at about 1:15 p.m.  Almost an hour's ride.

It normally takes me around half an hour in regular "rush hour" traffic.  The roads are terrible, and not only was it slow going but it also involved high volume--everyone left early.

Snow is still falling steadily.  I don't think there will be school tomorrow.  The fact that it's going to snow well into the night and then remain frigid isn't gonna help things.  Not playing trivia tonight.  Already there was a notice that my Wednesday evening pilates class is canceled.

Nobody's going anywhere for a while!  Good thing I have supplies!

Supplies from the public library: Iron Man 3 DVD & tons of books

Supplies from school: two pork sandwiches left over from yesterday's in-service, as well as a roll of TP (that I plan to replace! It totally slipped my mind!)

Supplies from Mom: Homemade vegetable soup (yum!)

There is one very happy kitty who is pleased I am home--off to go hang out with The Cat.

UPDATED 8:40 p.m.: Got the recorded phone message notification call at 8--Snow Day!!!




Sara said…
I went in at 10, communicated to us at about 5:50 this morning. :P

But, they bought all of us who braved the roads lunch... so..... ok.

Please place soup in box and mail to me. Kthx.
Kate P said…
I hope traveling wasn't too bad--it was nice of your company to buy you lunch.

Totally would mail you the soup if Mom didn't put beef in it! Stay warm!

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