My "Theme Word" for 2014 Will Be. . .


I recently came across a post recommended by Amy Spencer (longtime readers might recall my interactions with her a few years ago) in an e-newsletter she sends out on occasion--but [updated 01/19/2014 with the correct link] here is the link on her website.

Where was I?  Theme word for the new year.

In summary, Amy Spencer's idea is an alternative to setting a concrete resolution or goal for the new year: "Think about how you want to feel. . . as you walk through the world [and then] come up with a word or phrase that best describes that feeling."  I happened to be talking with someone close to me a few days ago and he picked up on the word "confidence."

"That's it!" I said, most likely punctuating it with a hand gesture.  "That is going to be my word for 2014; it's going to be the Year of Confidence.  I'm going to make a fancy little banner with that word and decorate it, and hang it up over the mirror on my bureau!"  I totally had forgotten I'd printed out Amy Spencer's idea a few days prior, but it certainly must have been lurking in the recesses of my brain and popped up during that conversation.

I do want to have confidence "oozing out of my pores" as Amy says--particularly when I'm meeting new people, or giving a presentation at work, or (please God) facing a great new job prospect.  More than wanting it, I need it.  Confidence has been something that I seem to hold only on a temporary basis, and most of the time not when I really need it.  (Although I do think I managed to tap into some of it when I handled a situation at the public library shortly before Christmas. More about that to come.)

And confidence would be really helpful when I have to convince myself of things--especially when I have to convince myself that I am deserving of good things.  That good things can and do happen to me.

Truly, I want to be confident of that.

So, is anybody else with me? Who else is picking a theme word for his or her 2014?



ccr in MA said…
What jumped out for me is "contentment." I want to feel settled and secure and happy with where I am. Come on, 2014, bring me contentment!
Kate P said…
That sounds like a great word, CCR!
"Pass" is my word for 2014. As in passing my licensing exams. Beyond that, I'd take some "love" in 2014, but I'm not holding my breath.

Happy New Year!
Rob said…
No resolutions or theme words here. I just disappoint myself when I do. Limited disappointment would suit me. Disappointment in myself, others, my sports teams, my car, my job, the restaurant, the grocery store, the traffic when I NEED to get somewhere, etc, etc.

Oh, and GEAUX Saints ... :)
Kate P said…
S.D.--"Pass" sounds pretty positive in that context. Maybe you should put "love" and "surprise" together?

Rob--Hmm, I see "disappointment" and "Saints" in the same comment. . . Can't help you there as I am feeling much Confidence in the Eagles! ;) (Explanation to non-followers of the NFL: Playoff game tomorrow night between our cities' teams! Wild!)
Sara said…
Hmmm... very thought provoking.

Serenity. That's what popped out for me.

You have to be a lot of things to be able to achieve serenity, so it works as a catch-all to me.

Plus I'm a spaz who needs to chill.
Kate P said…
In with the Serenity, out with the Spaz, Sara! :)
LibraryElf said…

I'm sorta a goal person (and I generally can meet goals), but they all seem to have the idea of "balance" in common. That is something, in general, I'd like to achieve.

That might be why my cats are very Yin and Yang (it was when Orange Cat 1 was around and surprisingly, Orange Cat 2 is also the balanced opposite of Gray Cat. I do have plans to always have a light colored cat and a dark colored cat.)
Kate P said…
I'm a Libra and we are ALL about balance, LibraryElf. Good one!

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