I'll Tell You What I DO Know

. . . because what I don't know is something I'm trying to put out of my mind. (Two interviews in a week, and then--cold.  Either they've put the brakes on the position, or it's on me to call to make their rejection of me official.  Is this typical nowadays?)

So, on to what I do know:

  • I received my check for winning my football pool's season.  That was $300+ and I certainly have plans for it.
  • Some of my plans involve treating my niece and nephews.  Part I was taking Niece (9) and Blarney (5-1/2) to a children's concert put on by the orchestra of which Library Elf is a member.  So we got to watch her play several great pieces.  Niece declared the premise of Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre" to be "cool" (Death plays the violin and calls all graveyard denizens to the party--must be her mom's side of the family with the twisted humor) and we "meowed" along with "The Waltzing Cat."  Blarney was right on cue with the "meows."
  •  After the concert, we had lunch.  I should say, I had a hamburger and watched the kids eat an extraordinary amount of food.  Good thing I had a coupon. We also used the restaurant's WiFi to look up which instruments were represented in "Peter and the Wolf" (also played at the concert) in order to settle an argument about which instrument was Grandfather. . . although I suspect it may vary depending on the arrangment/orchestra.
Naptime > Hooman's need to access bathroom sink before church.
  • The Cat, after a reduction of her hyperthyroid medication, has stopped shedding and matting dramatically.  While it has been a longstanding tradition for her to rip my arms off if I try to brush her, she at last has (luke)warmed up to the idea and I have managed to eliminate all but one mat which is right by her tail.  (Might try to cut that one off while she's sleeping--deafness means she won't hear me coming. But probably I'll have to get my cuts in one nap at a time.)
  • I have three (3!) trivia nights/fundraisers in the next two weeks.  This could prove to be very fun or very exhausting.  Or both. 
  • Lastly, I got in touch with a professional organizer who I hope will be able to figure out what I can't seem to with respect to my living room/office (dining room)/kitchen situation.  Five years and I still don't know where to put everything.  So I guess that's something I don't know but plan to find out.

Stay tuned for updates on my crazy ventures.



Sara said…
A reduction in thyroid meds led to a reduction in matting? My two that are medicated for thyroids are a study in trying to stay ahead of mats or, alternately, removing them without the cat realizing. The other cats, not so much (well, except for the bits that Alex is too fat to groom).


I can tell you, at my job, I've waited weeks to find out regarding interviews, especially if they are weighing two candidates. In addition, they tell the one who got the job last.
Kate P said…
Sara--The Cat had massive fur loss which led to the mats, at least as far as I can tell. She'd never had dandruff in her life and in December she had HUGE flakes. The mats were big fluff piles held together with dandruff (GROSS). On top of that, she had horrible hairballs from trying to groom and swallowing so much loose fur.
She's sleeker now but it beats having mats.

Yeah, maybe the school district is going to go down to the wire on this. I dunno.
ccr in MA said…
I hate that waiting! We all know the process can take ridiculous amounts of time, but the hot-and-cold is maddening. Fingers crossed.

I'm glad The Cat is doing better. Hang in there, Cat! Carlos says!
Kate P said…
CCR--Both The Cat & I say thank you! I think our cats might become e-pals, what do you think? :)

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