Not a Fantastic Friday

Got an early morning (7:45) call from my mom that my grandfather passed away not much after 5 a.m.  And she wanted to call me before I logged on to Facebook and read my uncle's (announcement) post.  Like, couldn't he wait until all the grandchildren knew?  No netiquette.  (And just now, minutes after I changed my profile photo to one of my grandfather, my aunt shared it and declared her love for it.  No credit to me at all. UGH. Someone teach these old people some netiquette!)

I was already tired because The Cat didn't want to let me sleep this morning (yelling, prodding, monologues in the living room, etc.), but I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got some errands done--including a research trip to a prospective bakery for my sister's bridal shower cake--and brought dessert to my parents' house so I could (1) hug my mom and (2) see what the plans were for my dad's birthday dinner. Milestone birthday, I might add.

Yeah, we're not going to forget what day my grandfather passed away.

Dinner was nice, my dad started to scratch off the instant-win lottery tickets I got him to go with dessert, and so far he has won. . . another free ticket.  Maybe that will bring him the big win.  Plus we liked the cupcakes so I think we've found our bakery.  Double score because they can do a vegan cake which means I get to enjoy a piece at the shower. And then try on bridesmaid dresses of course.  Guess once I'm done with the funeral Monday (New Jersey, where he lived with my aunt & uncle) and burial (Philly, next to my grandmother), I'll just go live at the gym.

And then I got home from dinner and picked up a voicemail from my credit card company notifying me of possible fraud.

Definite fraud.  I am not in Brooklyn going to drug stores and gas station mini-marts, and have not been out of PA since 2 a.m. Monday when I got home from a concert in Atlantic City (where I did not use my credit card).  And if I'm not mistaken, it's fraud predicted by the letter I received a couple days ago from the hotel where I stayed in Hershey for my conference in May.  "Hey, we just found a program on our system that was stealing credit cards and we didn't put it there! Sorry about that and here's a free year of ID protection!"

That's great and all, but I'm in the middle of a series of blood tests and the lab requires a credit card every time I go, in case my insurance won't pay.  And I have to go tomorrow but my credit card is canceled.  I can't get a replacement until Monday--or most likely Wednesday when I'll actually be home for the delivery.  Guess I'm going to plead my case and/or beg them to accept a cash deposit.  UGH.

Chef is working super-late at his new job tonight so I don't think I'll get to talk to him. He was so sweet to call before he went into work to see how I was, but I miss him very badly and don't get to see him until Sunday afternoon.  I might as well just go to bed now.  After all, the lab is only taking walk-ins between 7 and 11 AM, so I'll be getting up nice and early to get in line.

I know, this too shall pass.  But I'm hoping nothing else happens until after this stuff passes!



Sara said…
I'm so sorry. *big hugs*
ccr in MA said…
Oh, what an awful day. I'm so sorry, for your loss and all the rest.

I get you on the netiquette, too. I was visiting with family friends when one of them learned of a death in the family from Facebook; she knew he was very ill, but not that he'd died, and he was like a father to her. Why can't people keep it to themselves until ALL the family knows?
Mari T said…
Oh wow. So sorry you have so much happening all at once.
Kate P said…
Thanks, all. And CCR, that is rough. I'm sure people think they're doing everyone a good turn by announcing it, but social media isn't made for that kind of communication.

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