Report Card Grades, Colds, and Other Routine Matters

In spite of not being as dreadfully sick as I was at this time last year, I still managed to catch something horrible that has overstayed its welcome, and so I am blowing my nose and doing report card grades.  Yippee.

I had the second of my two required observations last month, and after several postponements finally met with my principal for post-observation remarks.  It's nice to hear from her that many of my co-faculty have told her I'm helpful and they can depend on me to get them the materials/information/assistance they need.  Well, not just nice--I do have frequent attacks of "imposter syndrome" and I need reassurance that I actually can do my job.

Might treat myself to some awesome (and full of attitude) stickers as a reward when it's all done.

I need something to tide myself over until I'm DONE FOR THE SUMMER FOR REAL, which is not until mid-June.  Then, my reward is a more flexible schedule, because right now it's not working for me.  I need time to. . .

--sleep (definitely not getting enough as my FitBit likes to scold me),

--clean (no, seriously, CLEAN.  As in thoroughly, to the point of getting rid of one-third to one-half of what's in this apartment, because I obvious spend more time moving it around/moving around it than using it),

--see Chef or even at least have a phone conversation regularly (horrible, frustrating, exhausting schedule conflicts right now),

--get my health in order (because feeling well most of the time is still elusive),

--work on getting a new car (14yo car has had TWO MORE trips to the mechanic since Easter and after the muffler falls off during a road trip to a conference I'm thinking this car really can't give any more),

--take a proper, REAL, out-of-town vacation.  Maybe see the beach for more than one day, even.  That sounds lovely.

But until then, off to work on report cards.  Pray for me.

And for my students.  Just kidding, I'm pretty merciful.




ccr in MA said…
I love those stickers! Now there's a good treat. Yay for good feedback, and boo for not feeling well. Now if only you can get through the end of school, and to the point where Chef's schedule settles can do it!
Kate P said…
I'm making it, CCR--slowly, but I'm making it. :)

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