The Friday Five: Rites of Passage

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm getting ready to head down to DC tomorrow morning to visit Younger Sister, who is having a combined b-day party/BBQ with one of her housemates, another "May baby" (just like our lovely blogfriend Lizzie this week--do go over and wish her a happy one!).

Some of you may relate to making a pre-travel list--what to pack, what has to be done beforehand. For me, it's a like a ritual, and if it's not on the list, it doesn't get done. The problem sometimes is that the list tends to grow even as I'm crossing things off. Yikes. And if you have pets, you probably would understand that on top of making sure I packed everything, I have to make sure that the place is presentable for the pet care coming in--in my case, my mom. That can tack on quite a few list items. So I give you, below, five weird things I have to do before I travel:

1. Turn off the clock-radio alarm. No sense in annoying the cat. Who has an internal alarm clock anyway. That runs fast (feed me at 4 a.m.! Get up get up get up!).

2. Run the dishwasher (and then empty it). Otherwise, Mom will do it. Even if I tell her she doesn't have to.

3. Leave room on the kitchen counter next to the sink and put out clean dish towels. Because Mom also will wash every single dish she uses. Including the ones for the cat. Even if I tell her it's fine to rinse them and shove them in the (emptied) dishwasher.

4. Polish my toes. Must have party-worthy piggies. Or just walk-to-the-bathroom-in-my-PJs-worthy.

5. Explain to the cat that I am going away but will be back in a couple days, and that Mom (actually, I use her first name with the cat--I have no idea why) will come feed her. Not sure if the cat understands, because I usually get an earful whenever I go away and come back, but I figure it's the decent thing to do.

Here's to our American soldier-heroes, and here's to the unofficial start of summer (if, like, you actually have seasons where you live). Have a great weekend!

Update: Forgot to mention that I also will be celebrating the arrival of my teaching certificate in the mail today! YAAAAAY!!!


Lizzie said…
Yay for the arrival of the long-awaited teaching certificate! Now it's time for those jobs to start knocking down your door!
Rob said…
Congrats on the certificate.
Dave E. said…
Yep, yay on the certificate. Have good trip!
Kate P said…
Lizzie, Rob, Dave--thank you!!!
Cullen said…
Congratulations, Kate!
Kate P said…
Thanks, Cullen! :)

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