I Haven't Eaten Any of These in Years

. . . and yet, I managed to score 100% on
this quiz. Good educated guessing and memories of my family's favorites, I think.

(Via Bookshelves of Doom.)


ccr in MA said…
I also got 100%, though I was totally guessing on the 3 Musketeers versus Milky Way: don't they look the same from the outside?
Kate P said…
Yeah, it felt like a 50-50 chance on those two because they did look so similar!
Dave E. said…
Got the PayDay and the Watchamacallit mixed up. Oh well, like you I haven't eaten any of these in full size form in years, though I usually have the bite size versions that are left over from Halloween.
Annie Coe said…
I only got 70%, I did remember most of these from childhood (I never eat candy bars now), but there were 3 I have never seen or even heard of, so I got one right from guessing and missed the other two :-).
Have a great weekend!
Kate P said…
Dave--it's true; how often do we unwrap an entire regular sized candy bar?

Annie--I wondered what a Zero was, myself! Thanks & you have a great weekend, too!

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