Where to Begin?

Maybe I should work backwards.

Tonight I made three phone calls. Two were to my cousins because I'm having trouble booking the hotel and I need their input. (Turns out our preferred hotel is not available the night we arrive.) The other was to the apartment complex manager because I finally hit my limit with the Stompy-Barkingtons upstairs. And yes, they are stomping and barking right over my head as I type.

As a side note, I was totally creeped out to get home this afternoon and see, as I'm opening the patio door, Mama Stompy-Barkington, who was seated on the curb in an empty parking space directly across from us. Yap-dog on leash at her side. He wasn't yapping for once, but what the heck was that about? Sunbathing?

Anyway, I had gone out to school to meet the other librarian at last and get the lowdown. She's very nice and normal, but my brain is full. I have to do what? Decide what? The librarian who retired used to do x and now I'm expected to do it? I have no keys and no network access (so don't ask me if I got that faculty e-mail). I think it just seems like a lot, but once I get into it, it won't be so crazy. I took a couple of things home with me to look over for the weekend.

It didn't exactly help that I got no sleep last night, nor the night before. Last night was The Cat's fault--I don't know what was up with her and I am praying either it stops soon or I figure out what's going on.

Yesterday I faxed my paperwork for my CA visit and went to my parents' to borrow their scanner for some other things I was required to e-mail. That is one sweet scanner/wireless printer I helped them buy. (Except Mom says it eats ink like crazy when she's printing out her reading matter.) Oh, and my dad is back to his usual cantankerous self, for better/worse.

The only other really interesting thing that happened earlier this week was that I started getting weird out-of-state calls on my cell phone. I went to put my phone in my purse before church, and I noticed there were two missed calls, no messages. Then a few minutes after the second missed call, the same person called again. I answered.

Me: Hello?

Caller: (sing-songy) Lorr-ee, it's Jer-ry.

Me: (slightly echoing him) This isn't Lorr-ee.

Caller: Oh. Did I dial the wrong number?

I said yes, and he said sorry, the end. Or so I thought.

Monday morning, he called again. I missed it but saw it on the phone, no message. About an hour after that call, a text appeared from a number just one digit off (in the middle) from mine: "Hi, apologies..my # was misprinted on business cards w your cell..so sorry!"

What kind of moron doesn't check business cards she just got printed, before handing them out?

And what kind of business is it that two people are trying to get hold of her before 9 a.m. on a Sunday, huh?

Does she give rides to church???


ccr in MA said…
Well, what kind of business has someone calling her "Lorr-ee"? Yeah.

Good luck with the neighbors; I'll cross my fingers for you!
Kate P said…
Well, I did notice that "Jer-ry" had a phone number with an area code from a southern state, so maybe it was part of his accent. I couldn't tell. I wasn't in the mood. But it did make me wonder if "Lorr-eeeee" was handing out business cards to prospective beaux in a bar the night before.

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