Now This Is Fun

(Who knows the musical reference for the title? CCR?)

Wednesday, my former bookstore--well, it's still my bookstore but it's my former job--had a little event for educators, so I managed to look presentable and get myself there. I forgot I hadn't been there in a while (to avoid the temptation to buy books/CDs/movies) and was greeted heartily by one of my former co-booksellers. . . who told me she's leaving in about a week to finish school and get her teaching certification while substitute teaching full time. I'm so happy she finally decided to do it, so she can get a permanent job.

She also told me about two other co-workers who were leaving. I guess change is inevitable. Heck, I left about this time last year. Sometimes it's hard to remember that life goes on after you leave a workplace.

The former co-worker who was organizing the event, a wonderful lady, comped me an iced coffee and we got to catch up, with intermittent interruptions by other co-workers. The one manager said she loved what I'd done with my hair. That was awesome because I love her style. Anyway, I stayed way longer than I'd planned, but that was partly because there was another educator who tagged along the entire time--an older lady--who was very chatty, but also pretty interesting. She retired from "the system" and teaches English at a local co-op for homeschoolers. I also got a bunch of free swag (book posters, bookmarks, study guides) and an extra discount on this new book I'm dying to tear into.

All in all, a great visit.

And today was kind of a family day. I got to practice with my one cousin's choir for singing on Sunday, after which my mom and I picked up Oldest Nephew from SIL's BFF's house (long story, don't ask, my parents are whipped) and got to catch up with him about his trip to New England and his new hockey league. I think one of my public library teens was working the water ice place, because she gave extra Oreo crumbles to my nephew for his custard. (That, or she thought he was cute. Which he is--but he's just a 7th grader! Who is almost taller than me and still growing! How do other aunties deal with this???)

Then I got home and one of my other cousins had left me a message--YES she is interested in going out to CA with me! Yay!!!!!! So we talked and are working out the details so we can actually do some tourist-y things when we go out there. She might even convince her husband to go so he can be our chauffeur. Man, this is shaping up to be cool.

I might be able to get some sleep tonight.


ccr in MA said…
Depeche Mode, whee! A good way to start the day.

Listening to it here:

It can be so weird to go back to old workplaces. What, things changed? Is that allowed? Glad you had fun too. Do tell how you like the book.

And my WVW for your CA trip: courgr. Make of it what you will.
Kate P said…
Bingo! :)

Yes, I expect my former workplaces to be frozen in time, darnit.

"courgr" sounds like what the Cowardly Lion needed.

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