Round-up and Surprise News

I've been a little quiet lately because Younger Sister came into town on Saturday and things got all shifted around. Here's what else has been going on:

--Saturday, I watched One Flew etc. in the morning and Shall We Kiss? in the afternoon because I realized they were due back. Then Younger Sister took Mom and me to the movies to see Toy Story 3. Three movies in one day. Still processing #1. #2 was O.K. but not what I expected. #3 made me laugh (and get a bit sniffly but that could've been PMS).

--Sunday morning, I went to Mass at the local parish and loaned a pen to the mom in front of me. I think she was about to put a check in the collection and realized it wasn't signed. That's my guess, anyway.

--Sunday afternoon, I went to my niece's belated birthday tea party. So I got to meet some of the neighbors of Older Brother & family as well as catch up with my cousin's wife and their cute little girl while we made bead bracelets and (other people without allergies) ate rainbow colored cake. I think Niece enjoyed herself.

--Monday, I spent more time with Younger Sister and saw her off. I think that's why my week's a bit off-kilter. Usually she's here Friday-Sunday.

--Wednesday (yesterday), I took The Cat to the vet as a follow-up to last month's harrowing episode. She has been begging for food a lot (including crying and waking me up at odd hours) and I wanted to see if she was dropping or gaining weight. She did gain back about a pound, which in a way was good because she was underweight at her last appointment--a dramatic two pound drop from her annual check-up last October.

--While we were at the vet, The Cat defied a child-proof latch on the cabinet under the sink in the exam room and crawled inside in seconds flat.
The vet tech was speechless. I was kinda proud.
Of course, once we fished her out, the Cat spent the rest of her time in the room trying to get back in there. Probably because she knew she had to get tests done.

--Tomorrow I should be getting the test results from the vet. I'm hoping she doesn't have thyroid or kidney problems, or diabetes, because that would suck. I just wish I knew what she needed so she's not crying and begging for food so much.

The surprise news? Well, I got a phone call saying I was chosen for that thing I did a few weeks ago. I was pretty excited. However, I found out they want me during what is the first full week at my new school. I told them I'd have to ask my school, and they gave me until Tuesday to get back to them.

I called school pronto. The principal is tied up with a family matter, so I didn't want to bother her. I learned that the assistant principal is out both this week and next. I left her a message in hopes that she'll check her voice mail. (Next stop is the H.R. Lady if no response tomorrow.) If that's not enough, it's also the week that my aunt from Mexico (Dad's sister) is in town which I think effectively ties up my parents, and Younger Sister will be away on vacation. So even if I get the O.K. to go, nobody from my immediate family can travel with me, and I am not exactly the kind of person who's good at traveling alone.

I really, really want to go. But I am freaked out about leaving my job so early on. But I don't want to miss a unique adventure. I feel as if this is the story of my life. That one bright spot of happiness in the middle of such an awful time last month--to have a chance at it, again. Everything's so fraught with complication.

Hoping for things to work out, but preparing for the disappointment.


Dave E. said…
"The vet tech was speechless. I was kinda proud."

Hahaha...I so get that. I hope the answer for the cat is an easy one for both of you.

And good luck on the "that thing". I hope the school will work with you on that.
ccr in MA said…
Well, you have been busy. Carlos and I will keep paws crossed for good vet results for little Houdini there. And good luck to you with the juggling; of *course* it's the first week of school! Naturally!

WV: pantent. A tent painted in Pantone colors.
Anonymous said…
More good wishes for "that thing." And for the cat. BTW, consider yourself blogrolled, because I know that in the words of Spider Robinson, "Librarians are the Secret Masters of the Universe."
Kate P said…
Dave--I knew "pet people" would get that! (As if I had anything to do with it, really, other than renting an apartment with crappy cabinets she used to pulling open so she can hide among the saucepans.) And thanks on that other thing.

CCR--I think The Cat enjoys her Houdini moments immensely. Well, thank you (and Carlos) on behalf of The Cat as well as myself. (What, pantent isn't where they hold pancake breakfasts???)

Prof. Mondo--Welcome, and thank you! What an awesome quote that is.
Pammy pam said…
ok first of all, when and where??? maybe i can travel with you?

second of all, i read an article about how when pet owners have thryoid issues sometimes their pets can get thyroid or other autoimmune diseases (relating to George and Barbara Bush who both suffered from thryoid i think.) check it out.
Anonymous said…
I actually went back to find the full quote:

"Librarians are the secret masters of the universe. They control information. Never p--- one off." --Spider Robinson
Lynn said…
No! Have positive thoughts! You'll be allowed to go and compete (that's what I gathered), you'll kick some serious butt, and then you'll go back to school a hero! As for traveling alone, it's my favorite way to go. Just grab a book and bring your headsets and you'll be fine :-)
Kate P said…
Pam--hey, I'd love it if you could go. I'll e-mail you. And I didn't know about that thyroid thing. Very interesting!

Prof--oh, that quote is even cooler now. Thank you! :)

Lynn--(huffing a bit petulantly) Oooookayyyyy. It won't be the end of the world if I have to take a really long flight by myself. :)
Amy Giglio said…
KATE!!! They will let you go and you can go by yourself if you have to and it WILL. BE. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kate P said…
Amy, you have the kind of enthusiasm that should be BOTTLED. ;) Thanks!

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