My Exasperating Day

1. Was awakened around 5 a.m. to feed The Cat. Given how much she'd gotten sick the day before, it was likely she was going to get sick after this feeding. I went back to bed not caring.

2. Got up around 9:30, found predicted unmentionable business by Cat in living room, cleaned it up with vow to call vet.

3. Started gathering stuff Cat got sick all over so I could take downstairs to launder, did check of blanket on bed and found more sick. Hauled everything down and started two washers with leftover quarters from previous day's visit to laundromat (washing bigger stuff soiled by Cat).

4. Made phone call to business manager at new school to schedule time to come in to sign contract. Everything sounded good until she asked me a question about my salary using pay scale terminology that hadn't been discussed with me. I knew only the dollar amount. She said she'd talk to assistant principal to confirm, but it didn't leave me with the most reassured feeling.

5. Called vet; they said the afternoon was fairly open if I wanted to bring the Cat in. So I took a 2:00 appointment and once the laundry was done, I stuffed the Cat in her carrier. She sang along with Glee in the car. (Well, if you consider the Cat sounded like her, maybe she wasn't singing along.)

6. Thirty minutes and $$$ later, I walked out of the vet's office with the Cat, two kinds of medicine, four cans of high fiber/low fat food, and a container to get a, um, "sample" (ew!) that I'd have to bring back to the office. I stopped quickly at my parents' to get some pill pockets (they use them for the elderly cat's meds) and talked to Oldest Nephew for a minute (long story; the reason for his presence is an outrage to me but I'm not allowed to give parenting advice).

7. Cat immediately responded to offer of food when we got home. At first, I thought she was wolfing down the special stuff, but when I looked at the dish after she walked away, it appeared she had pushed a lot of it around the dish. I kind of held of my breath to see if she'd get sick immediately, but she went to her summertime happy place--the patio door ledge, left-hand corner--and chilled out for a while. Later, she finished what was left in the dish and asked for more. I even got a pill into her!

The exasperating day got a little better as it went on. Stats:

Loads of laundry: 2

Phone calls completed: 2

Meals given to Cat that stayed down/in: 1 (and a half)

Pills administered to Cat: 1

Errands scheduled for yesterday, preempted by laundromat trip, that got completed today: 2

Errands scheduled for today that got completed: 3

Errands carried over from Tues./Wed. to Thursday: 2

Cat that climbed up onto my lap to knead and purr (yay!): 1


ccr in MA said…
I guess I'd rather have a day start badly and get better than the reverse... Here's to better health for Cat.
Angela Noelle said…
Well, at least the day ended in purring rather than shouting ;)
nightfly said…
Happy the kitteh is getting better. I wish I could go to a sunny spot and nap for a while...
Dave E. said…
Hopefully kitty is still feeling better and it's nothing too serious. There were some things that Sammy would do where I could tell she was not at all fazed by my dismay, but barfing wasn't one of them. She always gave me a "sorry about that" look after that happened.
Kate P said…
CCR--that's a good way of looking at it.

Angela--yeah, purring is MUCH preferred to shouting.

'Fly--we don't get much sun after the early morning, but she loves how warm the window glass is. Sometimes she splits the difference and sleeps on the windowsill above the wall A/C.

Dave--I hate to say it, but cats tend not to feel bad about making messes. For them, it's a form of communication. What concerned me was the repeats, and that it wasn't one of those "I barfed and now I feel better" kind of things, you know? Yucky AND worrisome.

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