Another Typical Week

Sorry I've been scarce. This week has been exhausting! Let's work backwards:

Today: First day off in a nice long weekend. It wasn't the prettiest day outside, but it certainly was warm. I slept in, a little bit, and let's face it--does it really count when The Cat has me up at 3? The only real bummer was that when I went to return my videos (Date Night: not as hilarious as advertised, or perhaps Despicable Me spoiled me), I found out the store is closing. (I guess library + online service will be it; not a fan of On Demand.)

Thursday: One section of fourth grade is out of control. I mean, I know they were excited that there were only two classes left until their big day off (and some of them were heading out for some serious travel), but really, 35 minutes with me--classes are shortened on Thursdays, and on top of that they were late--should have been more learning and less bouncing off the walls. I think they might have learned a little something when the only three students who devoted their full attention to their assignment and got all six (!) questions right received a candy award at the end of the day. (Still. . . *sigh*)

Wednesday: Recovered from Tuesday.

Tuesday: The Cat went to the vet for her blood pressure and eye exams. While we waited for our turn, a very friendly Irish-named chocolate lab made a few attempts to shove his shnootz into The Cat's carrier. He lives with chihuahuas, so maybe he was expecting one to be inside the carrier!
Of course, for the eye exam, The Cat had to get drops in her eyes. Not fun!
Next, the vet took her to the back workroom for the blood pressure check. "SO not fun!" I could her her wailing.
After she came back, with normal BP (yay!), they put out the lights in the exam room and took a good look at her eyeballs with the penlight/magnifying lens combo. She was trying to squirm out of the vet tech's grasp the whole time, but everything looked O.K. There's a slight anomaly with the blood vessels at the back of one eye, but it didn't signify any problems.
We discussed the problem with her not eating. It was decided she should take her anti-thyroid medicine, which recently had been reduced again, only in the morning, and then her anti-nausea meds in the evening before dinner.
I also got the green light to give her "junk food"--some smelly Fancy Feast might be more appealing. So what I did was I picked up some Appetizers (it's allegedly just plain ol' fish/meat and not cat food per se) and mixed it in with some of her usual food. . .

Look who's eating!!


ccr in MA said…
Yay! for Kitty eating!

Have a great weekend. Ahhh.
Dave E. said…
I'm glad that her eyes looked okay. I thought she was eating well again before. I must have misread that. I mixed stuff in once in a while when Sammy wasn't eating. I could tell she was alright again when she ate the regular stuff too and didn't just pick out the goodies.
Lindsay said…
Glad things are looking good for her. She's SO pretty!! :o)
Kate P said…
CCR--thanks! Hope you are having a great weekend, too.

Dave--Hmm, I know I said she wasn't eating before, so I don't know. Well, at first she was nuts for the new prescription food from the vet, then she stopped. Then she wouldn't even eat her usual stuff. You know as a pet owner that it's always a concern when your pets don't eat, so yeah, I'm mixing the stuff in to make it more appealing!

Lindsay--Thank you! She is curled up on my desk, behind my laptop, so I passed along the compliment. She is purring! :)

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